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How do I add people to my organization?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between manually inviting Staff to the Organization via the “+ Invite New Staff” link vs. just blasting out the meal calendar link?

None! It’s the same functional effect. The reason why we give you 2 different options of inviting Staff is in case you want to specifically invite a few people via email which is arguably more secure than sending a public link that can easily be passed around unknowingly to you! You don’t want that meal calendar link getting into the wrong hands, which may potentially happen if you share the link publicly over Slack!

Is there a link to invite Orderers and Admin that I can put on our Intranet? Why do I have to manually invite them?

Since Admins and Orderers have access to sensitive payment info and the ability to invoice, this is a security issue! We certainly wouldn’t want bad actors to start placing random orders via your Organization!

My teammate is not seeing the meal calendar, but everyone else seems fine!

Please check if that teammate is a Guest or a Staff. If they’re a Guest, you can “upgrade” them to Staff. As an Admin, you can do this through the dashboard. If you’re not an Admin, you can just send them the team meal calendar link for Staff.

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