The Lunch Program Companies Rave About

Lunch, breakfast, and happy hour menus delivered from the top restaurants. Curated by us for taste, variety, and reliability.

  • Place orders yourself within minutes, or opt for an account manager for meals on autopilot.
  • Go buffet style or let employees pick their own individual meals to remove any guesswork!
  • No AI robots picking your meals, emotional intelligence only. Our team will learn your preferences and pick the best options (and skip the rest) so you look good.
  • We'll stick to your budget, factoring all-in prices instead of slapping you with tax and fees above what you agreed to.

Not Your Average “Catered Meals”

Wholesome Bowls

Is your team craving healthy catering yet doesn't want to order another bland salad again? While we know it's rare, we work with restaurants who've curated menus of wholesome grain and salad bowls that are also hearty and delicious!

Omelet Bars

There's no better treat than a delicious hot omelet made to order! This is the perfect special touch for company holiday parties, client meetings, personal Christmas gatherings and more!

Dim Sum Buffets

Elevate your office catering game beyond the typical Americanized Chinese takeout and bring dim sum right to your office! Pair dumplings and other apps with customer favorite entrees, hearty noodles, and fried rice dishes that everyone's sure to love.

Our Restaurant Partners

Interested? Here's the “Hard Sell”

No contract or minimum spend. If your budget gets too tight for catering, we understand! You can cancel immediately and come back when you're ready.

Robust team features so your company can use the same platform nationwide. Get consolidated billing, guest access, shared payment methods, and more at no additional cost!

Invoicing and Tax-Exempt Ordering. Make paying for catering easy. We'll send invoices directly to your finance department so you can stay focused on your own job.

Detail-oriented staff. We make sure all our restaurant partners know the intricacies of your account. No more complaints about delivery staff getting stuck at the lobby or missing coffee with your bagels!

Features to Make Your Lunch Program Foolproof

Meal Planning Tool

Plan out the next week's meals in less than 10 minutes with our super-powered meal planning tool. Or, have your account manager do it for you!

Group Order Polls

Let your team select their own meals! They will arrive individually packaged and labeled with names so everyone knows whose is whose and no food goes to waste.

Solicit Feedback Easily

We'll prompt employees to review their meals and take their feedback into consideration when planning future weeks.

How It Works


1. Initial Consultation

Provide us with the following information:

  • How often (and on which days) you need catering
  • Cuisine preferences, dietary requirements, and budget
  • Delivery instructions, COI for your building, etc.
  • See an example meal plan outline


2. Meal Planning on Your Cadence

We'll work around your schedule and tailor the program to your demands:

  • How far in advance should we plan meals - weekly, biweekly, monthly?
  • By which day of the week should we have meals planned for you and your employees?
  • How much oversight you'd like over the meal program - should CaterCow figure it out, or do you want to check over a meal plan draft first?


3. Feedback and Check-In

After your meals are delivered, we'll check in with you on how everything is going, and take actions accordingly:

  • Put certain restaurants on a consistent rotation
  • Add extra protein for taco bars if your team is full of meat lovers
  • Add more vegetarian options and gluten-free options to all orders moving forward
  • Remove any restaurants from the rotation that you weren't completely satisfied with

On top of that, we'll make sure meals are thoughtfully planned (no repeating Mediterranean in the same week!) The goal is for CaterCow to effectively do your meal-planning job!

How We Go Above and Beyond

Ad Hoc / One-Off Orders

Have a one-off lunch meeting? Need to order desserts for your sporadic happy hour? We can take care of it for you! In fact, you can actually do it yourself if you'd like - our website makes it super easy to order self-service like you would through DoorDash or Grubhub.

Calendar for Employees

Tired of employees asking you all the time about food? Seamlessly share with your employees what's coming so everyone is on the same page.

Going the Extra Mile with Our Restaurants

We'll work with the restaurant to get you an off-menu vegan, gluten-free menu item. We'll work with the caterer to figure out the pricing of extra protein for your taco bar. We can also remind restaurants the day-before of your particular delivery instructions! Heck, we can even do our best to get you special pricing because you're a CaterCow Managed customer!

New Restaurant Requests

Because you're a recurring customer, our sales team will do their best to reach out and onboard new restaurants per your request!

Don't take it from us! Heard from our customers:

Rene Morgan, Associate Director of Operations

Achievement First, NYC

Stacey Rinehart, Office Manager

Amobee, SF Bay Area

Gina Myers, Training Coordinator / Administrator

Ultragenyx, SF Bay Area and Boston

Sam Arpino, Director of People Operations

The Trevor Project, LA and NYC

Rene Morgan, Associate Director of Operations

Achievement First, NYC

Easy, Reliable Way to Place Catering Orders

"CaterCow is my go-to site for catering services. They have a wide variety of cuisines and are great for groups small or large. Their website makes it easy to find new caterers to try and to re-order our favorites with our customizations already set. Their customer service team provides high-quality and prompt support. CaterCow provides an easy, reliable way to place catering orders."

Why Implement an Office Lunch & Catering Program

Employee Happiness & Wellness
Employee Happiness & Wellness

Who doesn't like free food!? Starting a meal program and ordering catering for the team sends a message that you care about the wellbeing of your employees. Especially during the pandemic when others are working from home, you might need to provide corporate lunch as a perk to encourage folks back! Happy bellies = happy employees!

Hygiene and Sanitation
Hygiene and Sanitation

When you start an office lunch program, you minimize the exposure from employees leaving the office to get food. No more cramming into the elevator during the lunch rush! You’re also limiting the number of delivery people who come into your building. While CaterCow can also provide buffet style meals, individual meals are the norm during the pandemic to prevent the sharing of trays and serving utensils. If your team is extra cautious, you may choose to go with individually-packaged meals and skip buffet style meals all together to prevent the sharing of trays and serving utensils.

Culture Building & Productivity
Culture Building & Productivity

The magic happens when everyone eats together. Shared meals encourage communication, collaboration, and bonding, making everyone’s work better! Catered meals allow folks of different teams and seniority to all come together. Forget having your employees leave for 1 hour to get lunch and waste time in long lines!


We all know there are only 5 go-to restaurants when you eat around the office. Your teammates deserve a variety of cuisines to explore and enjoy. CaterCow works with hundreds of restaurants and caterers that are curated for food quality and vetted for punctual deliveries. Enjoy a wide array of foods as well as seasonal menus!