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While CaterCow allows you to easily place orders yourself, we understand meal-planning can be draining. We're happy to take care of this for you so your team gets meals delivered on autopilot!

Darcie Review

Darcie O'Shea


CaterCow is hands down the greatest company I've ever worked with. Ever. In my nearly 25 year-long career, I've never experienced a more personally supportive and communicative group. I am consistently impressed and in awe of their stellar customer support. Any issue that may arise with a vendor is swiftly met with dedicated acumen, poise, and accommodation. I feel like I'm their only customer - that's the level of support I receive. I've seen them make immediate changes to their website based on a mistake I myself made, ensuring clarity for myself as well as the next user. If I could have the whole team over for dinner, I would. Every single person I've connected with has felt like a friend. Show me another organization anywhere, let alone a catering company, that offers that level of personal attention. I'll wait.

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What is CaterCow?

We’re an online catering marketplace featuring vetted menus designed to work for groups large and small.

Food with personality.

No more uninspired sandwich boxes. Pick from unique, seasonal options curated by our team.

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We’ve streamlined the process for ordering food for your group, just the click of a button and your job is done.

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Every time you review an order you earn CaterCoin's which are redeemable for Gift Cards or money off future orders! Learn more about our Rewards Program.

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