Rewards Preview

Earn even more by referring restaurants & friends!

3,200 per Month

38,400 Annually



Multiple Ways to Earn

Order Reviews

Leave a review on your order and earn 1 CaterCoin for every dollar spent.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend or colleague and earn rewards on the the orders they place!

Restaurant Recommendations

Recommend a restaurant that we onboard and earn bonus points!

We're feeding some amazing teams

Redeem CaterCoins on Future Order Credits or Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards
Amazon Gift Cards

You can redeem Amazon gift cards where 100 CaterCoins equal $1. You’ll receive the reward within 48 hours! You may select any email address to receive the reward. Please abide by any corporate policy you may have when you redeem.

Credits for Future Orders
Credits for Future Orders

You can get a future CaterCow coupon where 100 CaterCoins equal $1.20. We give you a 20% bonus here because obviously we’d love for you to continue having our food and supporting our local restaurants and caterers! Again, please abide by any corporate policy you may have in redeeming.

Earning and Redeeming CaterCoins Step-by-Step

Go to the Reviews section in your account, and leave a review of an order.

Go to the Rewards section in your account. Choose how many CaterCoins you’d like to redeem. And then choose whether you'd like a future CaterCow credit or an Amazon gift card.

If you chose an Amazon gift card, you’ll receive it via the email of your choice in the next 48 hours. If you chose a CaterCow coupon, clip the coupon code and apply it on a future order!