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What is an Organization?

We understand the way you internally view your Organization might not map directly with the way CaterCow handles Organizations! At CaterCow, a simple way we define an Organization is: If there is a team-wide meal, everyone within an Organization (Admins, Orderers, Staff, and invited Guest) may have the ability to partake in the meal.

If you have an NYC office, everyone in the NYC Organization on CaterCow should be able to participate in a team-wide meal. However, if there is an SF office as well, that should be a separate Organization on CaterCow because the SF teammates shouldn’t be allowed access to the teamwide NYC meals unless they are an invited Guest or a regular NYC Staff. This is especially important when your meals are group orders because each Organization only has one shared meal calendar - SF teammates should not and cannot see NYC’s meal calendar unless they are explicitly invited to NYC.

What this means is that if you are an Admin ordering meals for both the NYC Organization and SF Organization, while you can access everything under one User account (prior to 2023, you would have to log in and log out), you will still have to send separate NYC and SF meal links to your Staff.

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