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Individual Meals, Delivered & Labeled

Give employees more choice on their own meals. Order just the right amount of food - prevent waste yet account enough for last minute guests. No mess, no clean-up when your teammates grab their boxed lunches.

Browse & Order

Features to Make Your Lunch Program Foolproof

Find a Menu

Browse our restaurant and caterer menus, putting you in control of price range and cuisine. Finding things your team will enjoy is simple!

Employees Choose

Based on the restaurant selection of the day, your team can choose what they would like to eat. Menu items come with dietary details and you can also add special requests.

Delivered Right to You

Meals come delivered and labeled with employee names and any dietary restrictions, making it easy for your team to find what's theirs.

What's so special about group ordering on CaterCow?

Setup a Meal Calendar

If your lunch program is weekly or daily, your employees will want to see a calendar of meals to stay organized and know what's coming. Employees can see their upcoming and past meal selections, what days they still need to choose their meals, and what days they've opted out!

Easy Oversight

You can keep track of who's already chosen a meal and who hasn't. You can add custom meals for stragglers, while excluding strangers. You can even let CaterCow auto-submit your group orders!

Special Requests are Allowed!

Unlike some services that don't allow for any modifications, our restaurants will do their best to accommodate your dietary needs and preferences as best they can! Just let us know what they are, and we'll communicate it to the restaurant!

Curated, Tailored Menus That You Have Control Over

We understand that on some websites, you can send a link to the entire menu. However, if you're a veteran of ordering for large groups, you know that by offering your teammates the entire menu, it inevitably spells disaster if 30 people order 30 different things — a complex order can lead to a late delivery, someone can abuse the system and order 10 drinks instead of actual lunch, John could accidentally take Sally's food, you'll likely have to do a good amount of sorting when the food arrives, etc. Limiting the menu makes your team's, the restaurant's, and most importantly your life easier. Oh, and you can also remove that $30 lobster roll from the menu!

We Give Restaurants a Heads Up Your Order is Coming!

Ever had your DoorDash or Grubhub order cancelled the morning of after painfully spending all that time compiling your team's selections? Here at CaterCow, we minimize the chances of that happening by giving our restaurants a heads up as soon as your employees are filling out their meal selections. This allows our restaurants and caterers to plan their kitchen operations and delivery logistics accordingly! If there's any issues, we go out of our way to over-communicate as early as possible to find you an alternative.

Labels Are Actually Useful

No more marker-scribbled “labels”. No more confusion over whether “Chk” means Chicken or Chickpea. CaterCow labels include the employee name, the food description, dietary tags, and more!

Browse & Order

Additional Features (No Extra Cost)

Optional Reminders for Stragglers

If you'd like we can automatically send reminders to your team if they haven't chosen a meal yet! Not recommended for all since we certainly don't want to spam your employees!

Ask for a CaterCow account manager

Overwhelmed by lunch planning and don't want to be the go-to lunch coordinator? You don't have to be — let CaterCow take care of menu planning and logistics planning for you! If you order frequently enough, give us a few parameters to work off of like what your team likes to eat, how many extras to account for, and your delivery details and we'll take care of the rest.

Don't have enough time for employees to choose?

Order for the entire team! Heck, order buffet style if you're feeling adventurous! There will certainly be days when no one wants to choose their meals, and that's ok! CaterCow's services extends to meals where you're calling the shots or when you just want a taco bar with trays of meat, veggies, and rice & beans.

See What Others Say

CaterCow is my go-to site for catering services. They have a wide variety of cuisines and are great for groups small or large. Their website makes it easy to find new caterers to try and to re-order our favorites with our customizations already set. Their customer service team provides high-quality and prompt support.”

Achievement First

Rene Morgan

Associate Director of Operations

Achievement First

Our company used CaterCow for our catered lunch service and they are fantastic. They always delivered on-time, and were extremely flexible in working with us when changes were required. Sean is amazing to work with!!! I would highly recommend CaterCow for anyone in need of catering services.”


Stacey Rinehart

Office Manager


Why I love CaterCow: One stop ordering. Our company host training events that can last up to 10 days. Catercow offers a wide selection of caterers providing a large variety of food items. I can order for each day of training by going to one online site. Great Customer Service, very responsive to my comments/feedback.”


Gina Myers

Training Coordinator



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