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Robby G. reviewing Korean BBQ Buffet by Kiss My Seoul

The food was a big hit with my team—very flavorful and fresh. There was a slight hiccup with a 20-minute delay in our order, but I appreciated the restaurant's heads-up call around delivery time, informing us the driver was 15 minutes away. This allowed me to manage my team's expectations effectively. In terms of feedback, I ordered galbi and tofu, which were delicious, but they came as 2 individual servings, while the chicken was a whole platter. I'm not sure if the issue was on my end, perhaps due to the UI not being clear about portion sizes, but it was a bit disappointing, especially since we have beef lovers on the team. The same issue occurred with the tofu order, though, fortunately, there was enough for the two team members who wanted it because they do not eat meat. I'm leaving this comment in hopes that CaterCow will consider clarifying portion sizes or making it more evident when an order is meant for an individual versus a group, especially since it was recommended for 17 people. Despite this, we had plenty of food, and everyone was impressed with the quality. The proactive communication from the restaurant was also very helpful. I would definitely order again!

ericka T.

Feb, 2024

The staff from CaterCow was expectational from start to finish. They emailed and called to assure that everything went well. Great Communication!!! The staff from Buffalo Wild Wings was also very helpful in keeping me posted on the status of my delivery and called me to make sure order was delivered. Will order again!!

Premise Data A. reviewing Build-Your-Own Taco Bar by Little Miner Taco

We were excited to see this option on CaterCow - our staff goes here often!

Food came late. I called when it was 15 minutes late and the lady who answered the phone said it would be there in 10 minutes, but it came 30 minutes later, so it was 45 minutes total late. We got the breakfast burritos, but they were more like wraps. Very plain. No hot sauce(!), only ketchup. The burritos were also very cold. The cheese was never melted on them. Cheap, low grade ingredients too. Very bad experience since we had a company meeting which had to begin without anyone having eaten. The delivery person didn't care and left without assisting set up and did not apologize or anything. Why is this place even an option on CaterCow?

Rutt's knocked it out of the park again. Amazing breakfast sandwiches and burritos AND this was a super last minute order. I love CaterCow and Rutt's big time!

Crystal S.

Jan, 2024

Buffalo Wild Wings was so helpful and accommodating for my special order requests, because I needed some wings with sauce on it and some wings bare/with sauce on the side. It was a bit complicated, because the site doesn't offer a no sauce/sauce on the side option, but the manager at BWW made it all happen, and my luncheon was a success! Great job. I also appreciate the ease of use of the Cater Cow website. I prefer it over other catering sites. Thank you so much!

This is the second time utilizing CaterCow and Pockets. Solid choice once again. Food came a bit early, but we made it work just fine (better early than late!). I can't say how much I love working with CaterCow, much better communication than EZCater. Can't wait for when we have another event as we'll definitely be using them again!

We LOVE Planet Taco. Our team thoroughly enjoys the build your own taco bar. One of the best choices on Cater Cow across the board! 10/10 will order again and again!

CaterCow made this an amazing experience as always. Really solid pizzas with tons of flavor. Perfect size for a personal pizza or to share. We ordered a mix of different pizzas: Big Steve's Buffalo, Classic Pepperoni, Fire-Roasted Caprese, Tremont and Vegetarian G.O.A.T. All pizzas got tons of great feedback, but the clear winner was Big Steve's Buffalo, my new favorite. We'll absolutely be ordering from Upper Crust again soon!

KFire is an office favorite and we're so glad they're on CaterCow so we can have people place orders for what they specifically want. The food always comes on time and is always good!

Béline F. reviewing Individual Bento Boxes by BentoSprout

BentoSprout is a huge team favorite! Full transparency: we also order directly from them outside of CaterCow as we knew them prior to starting to use CC, but we do order from them through CC when doing group orders.

The food itself from Pockets had all of our residents talking about them and asking where they were from! The Southwest Chicken was a fan-favorite for sure. Using CaterCow was incredibly seamless, their communication is top-notch! This was my first order, but we ordered from them again for an event today and they are so attentive to any question I had. I know I'll be using them again in the future.

Our order arrived on time and nicely organized. The food got great feedback from everyone on our team and even though we ordered extra, we ran out of food lol Great lunch spot and CaterCow makes it so easy!

Kate S. reviewing Pitas and Bowls by Nick the Greek

There was a mishap with the delivery timing, but the support team at cater cow was incredibly helpful in resolving this on our end. However, the food was great, and the staff was helpful when setting up.

I love CaterCow and Saigon Sisters was delicious, fresh, fulfilling, and ON TIME.

I was trying to pull together a Thanksgiving event for work with very short notice (~2 days) and I was lucky enough to find CaterCow. The food was delivered a bit early and stayed warm through the event. Several people (if not everyone) compliment the food.

Alicia D. reviewing Super Sandwiches! by Nohea Cafe

First time ordering Cater Cow and it was on time and delicious.

Deborah M. reviewing Individual Taco Plates by LA QCHARA

I can't stress great communication enough. I was away on vacation and I had left someone else's phone number to accept this order while I was away and they unfortunately didn't answer. This company reached out to CaterCow directly and they were able to track me down to get this order accepted, I feel they went above and beyond for service and it was greatly appreciated.

So impressed with cater cow and the caterer. Food arrived fresh and on time.

Food arrived on time and it was hot. The amount was really great! I originally ordered from Cater Cow because I saw the images and the presentation looked great. When it arrived, it was just basic presentation (no Halloween themed serving plates, no "eyeballs". It's just a "themed" name but the food itself was not themed at all. The images on the website has the spiders, and the meatballs has olives to make it look like eyeballs but it was just regular food. I also called the number on the website to confirm my order (I received an email, but I always call just to make sure) and the woman on the line seemed confused.

Thank you Cater Cow for providing excellent communication throughout my first order with your organization. I appreciated you being an excellent liaison between me and Creative Ideas Catering SF. As for Creative Ideas' food, it was amazing! The food was appealing and served in manageable portions. I already have two teams asking me to order from food from them AGAIN!

Great food, on time, my guests loved it! I would definitely order from here again. And the communication with Cater Cow was helpful & quick. Very happy.

I have tried many caters on cater cow and this one always exceeds my expectations. The food is delicious and the service is top notch! I've used them two weeks in a row!

CaterCow is awesome - from the beginning their communication was excellent and the whole process was super smooth. The delivery was on time and the delivery person was very sweet and helpful. The food was great and everybody loved the whole meal!

I absolutely love Cater Cow! They are responsive and reliable, and the food always tastes AMAZING!


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