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Lisa P. reviewing Sweetfin Signature Bowls by Sweetfin

This food was good with a variety of options, unfortunately the order was 30 minutes late with no call from the restaurant advising they would be late. The customer service at CaterCow was able to reach out to the restaurant and fill us in on the issue.

I give 2 Stars because the food is actually great - restaurant communication and dependability, not so much. A terrible experience all around with regards to delivery. Received my order 2 hours late with minimal communication from the restaurant. Only had any communication because I reached out to CaterCow and they were able to get in contact with Schnippers. Their number listed to call in case of questions/concerns doesn't even get answered.

Lisa P.

Jul, 2024

We used to order from this restaurant often when it was still local. We haven't had it in some time, but thanks to their relationship with CaterCow, we are now able to enjoy once again. Great food and a menu with tons of variety.

This was the first time we used Cater Cow and Tex-Mex Joe's Mexican Restaurant. We were very happy at how easy it was to submit an order. There were 0 errors and we needed 0 discussions to coordinate. The food was delicious. Our parents were happy and there was plenty of food to go around. My only suggestions is to have some sort of warming supplies available with the order or even for an extra fee that people can add on to their purchases.

Love this new addition to the catercow options. The staff really liked it, we will definitely order again!

Christopher G. reviewing Breakfast Burritos by Cassava House Catering

Really great breakfast burritos. So many compliments from the office that they are now one of my faves on Cater Cow!

My team was in need of a local restaurant, to provide lunch, in celebration of AAPI month. I had waited until the last minute to order, which made it harder to find great restaurants. CaterCow’s website made it extremely easy to narrow down options available to me that were right within budget for a smaller group of individuals, and the food ended up being a big hit with the team! Tsing’s Chinese restaurant will be added to our list of go-to’s, even outside of AAPI month. I was asked multiple times where the food came from. The best items from our meal were the pork pot stickers, veggie spring rolls, General Tso’s chicken, and the pork chow mein. The food was super fresh, had great flavors, and fed way more than the quoted amount I was seeking (10 people). We had plenty leftovers, which were well-received by the team. Thank you! We’ll be returning in the near future.

I recently used CaterCow for a last-minute event, and their food catering service was nothing short of exceptional. Despite the tight timeline, their staff went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect. The owner personally took the time to explain the entire process, making sure I felt comfortable and informed every step of the way. The professionalism displayed by the CaterCow team was evident in every interaction, from the initial consultation to the final delivery. The caterers they work with are top-notch, providing delicious food that was a hit with all our guests. They were incredibly responsible with the timing of the delivery, ensuring everything arrived exactly when needed. Overall, CaterCow made what could have been a stressful situation into a seamless and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend their food catering services for anyone in need of reliable, high-quality catering.

We also used CaterCow for drinks catering at our event, and it was an outstanding experience. The team worked with a curated list of the best drink providers, ensuring that our guests enjoyed a variety of beer and wine. The drinks were delivered on time, and the quality was top-notch. The variety and quality of the drinks added a special touch to our event, and our guests were thoroughly impressed. CaterCow's drinks catering service was incredibly flexible and accommodating, allowing us to customize our drink options to suit our guests' preferences. I highly recommend CaterCow's drinks catering service for any event that requires a touch of class and professionalism.

Mission Sandwich Social Catering earns a perfect 10/10 in every aspect. Their sandwiches are culinary delights, bursting with flavor and creativity. Booking through CaterCow was a breeze, and their on-time delivery ensured a stress-free experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their catering game!

Ben’s Fast Food is a great option for food that is healthy, affordable, filling and delicious. We ordered a mix of hearty bowls and garden bowls for 65 people and people absolutely devoured them. Everyone had something good to say about Ben’s and many people asked for me to order this again. As always, Catercow made this as easy as could be.

The food was delicious and well-maintained on its journey from the restaurant. The deliverer was really kind and not only punctual, but early. CaterCow sent me several emails in advance to check on my order, which facilitated a smooth operation. 10/10, would recommend for any catering needs.

Patricia C. reviewing DIY Taco Bar by Amigos Taqueria

The organization really loved the food. It had so much taste and even the tofu was a hit!! They kept asking where I ordered the food, and I was happy to share that Cater cow helped me find this place! Thank you for the great service and punctuality, we really appreciated it!

Ragina J. reviewing Individual Bento Boxes by BentoSprout

All of our event attendees loved the food! We will definitely order from CaterCow again.

Really appreciated the easy ordering and excellent communication from CaterCow! And the food from Blue Park Kitchen was delish.

Happy Bowls was hands down my company's favorite catered meal from CaterCow. Lots of really fresh, delicious options and the presentation is beautiful. Also, great price and really friendly delivery.

Great as always! We've ordered from here a couple times and it's always consistent and tasty. So glad that it's available in New York! There was a mix up with the order in terms of portion size but Catercow was very communicative and even offered us compensation for our trouble. Can't wait to order again next week!

This was one of our favorite sandwich places so far. Cater Cow makes it so easy to order great food at great prices. :)

Katie B. reviewing OMG Minnie Pies! by Minnie's Bake Shop

I called last minute on Pi Day to order 27 pies and they were so accommodating! Thank you to both CaterCow and OMG Minnie Pies for not letting me ruin Pi Day by forgetting to order these sooner!!!

CaterCow x Bagel Broker is a match made in heaven. We got 65 breakfast burritos delivered on time, with a super courteous and friendly driver. A truly great experience from start to finish.

Everyone loved the food and there was plenty of it. The delivery came EARLY!! When does that ever happen? Thank you Cater Cow and GREAT food Campbell & Co. We'll be back! ;)

What an amazing company! I am so happy I found CaterCow while looking for easy and quick catering options for an office visit. I will definitely be using again in the future!

Everyone in the meeting enjoyed Little Miner Taco as well as myself. The food was awesome. They are defiantly on my list for Tacos. I took a random call from CaterCow and I'm so glad I used them. Thank you.

Twist Eatery may actually be one of my new favorite spots. They checked every single box with timely delivery and exceedingly delicious food. I got more positive feedback from this meal than ever before. Shoutout to CaterCow for making this such a streamlined process for us.

Robby G. reviewing Korean BBQ Buffet by Kiss My Seoul

The food was a big hit with my team—very flavorful and fresh. There was a slight hiccup with a 20-minute delay in our order, but I appreciated the restaurant's heads-up call around delivery time, informing us the driver was 15 minutes away. This allowed me to manage my team's expectations effectively. In terms of feedback, I ordered galbi and tofu, which were delicious, but they came as 2 individual servings, while the chicken was a whole platter. I'm not sure if the issue was on my end, perhaps due to the UI not being clear about portion sizes, but it was a bit disappointing, especially since we have beef lovers on the team. The same issue occurred with the tofu order, though, fortunately, there was enough for the two team members who wanted it because they do not eat meat. I'm leaving this comment in hopes that CaterCow will consider clarifying portion sizes or making it more evident when an order is meant for an individual versus a group, especially since it was recommended for 17 people. Despite this, we had plenty of food, and everyone was impressed with the quality. The proactive communication from the restaurant was also very helpful. I would definitely order again!


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