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CaterCow is awesome - from the beginning their communication was excellent and the whole process was super smooth. The delivery was on time and the delivery person was very sweet and helpful. The food was great and everybody loved the whole meal!

I absolutely love Cater Cow! They are responsive and reliable, and the food always tastes AMAZING!

I scheduled the food to be delivered for 9am and the delivery driver arrived at 8:20am when no one was in the office. I scheduled the meal for 9 because that is my time of arrival. The driver informed me that he was told to arrive for 8:30 which was still too early for a 9am start. We were able to work it out, but it was annoying to have to deal with during my commute. Another big issue is that nowhere on the order page does it say that the bagels that were being provided were going to be from an assortment of bagels. It just said bagels and eggs, meat etc. on the site with no option to choose what kind of bagels you want. I only wanted plain bagels which is what I thought I was getting since again, nothing on the website indicated that it would be an assortment of bagel flavors being sent instead. None of the sandwiches were labeled with what kind of bagel it was which made the situation even worse. There was no way to know what sandwich went with what bagel without completely opening up the sandwiches because they chose to give an assortment but then provided no labels. Overall the bagel I had was tasty but this was rough for a first experience with the restaurant and with Catercow's breakfast ordering/delivery system.

Jenny N. reviewing Upscale Nick's Way Taco Meal by Tacko

I love Tacko, I was excited to see Tacko on Catercow! The food amount is great, even too much for me! 10/10.

This was the best food our school ever catered from CaterCow HANDS DOWN! Everyone was raving about it after and I had several staff members ask where we got the food from so that they can order them selves. If you're looking for good Caribbean food (bonus on individual packaging), this is it!! I can't wait to order again :)

Kathleen M. reviewing Thai Basil Boxed Meals by Thai Basil Cart

The food was late and when I called the restaurant for an ETA of the delivery, they informed me that the Catercow driver did not arrive to pick up the food and that the restaurant staff were driving it themselves. Luckily it arrived on time for the lunch meeting, and it was enjoyed by the staff.

I was exceptionally pleased with all aspects of my recent CaterCow experience. Customer service is exceptional - friendly, helpful and you can actually speak with a live person! It's great to have a reliable company to work with in NYC.

Cheese & meats were SO good. Love the artichokes on the salad I got for myself. Portions were great and everyone loved the literal box lunches. So far this was our best experience on CaterCow

Verified Order reviewing Individual Bento Boxes by Sushi Keiko

CaterCow did a great job facilitating a difficult order. Sushi Keiko bento boxes were delicious. Thanks!

We love to order from Som Bo. Cater Cow is a simple and easy solution for our in-office catering.

Our team is stoked to see Starbird offered on CaterCow! Quickly has become an office favorite for lunch. A number of team members rave about how awesome the salads are and greatly appreciate the vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options!

Stephanie M. reviewing Build-Your-Own Taco Bar by Pinks Cantina

This was my first CaterCow experience so I was a little nervous, but the communication ahead of time was good and the food arrived right on time. The taco bar from Pink's Cantina was really good! Great experience all around.

Delivery driver was calling wrong number, but the number was wrong on the receipt. Was able to text driver through Cater Cow, this was nice. Delivery driver was very accommodating, thank you.

This is the second time I've used Cater Cow. They were on time, set everything up and were gone before the guests arrived. I recommend the services, especially the Taco's everyone's talking about. Everything was delicious.

Once again, CaterCow came through with flying colors. Although I was disappointed that the caterer we'd used previously was no longer an option, CaterCow worked with me to identify an alternative vendor (Atlantic Catering). I had a few special orders which were clearly identified, and the entire process came off without a hitch. Food was tasty and well-presented.

Elizabeth N. reviewing Individual Indian Meals by Punjab Express

My order was 40 minutes late. I had to call CaterCow to ask where my delivery was. It would have been nice if the driver reached out to tell me he was running late. The driver was given detailed instructions on how to deliver food to our building and disregarded everything I said. Which is beyond frustrating. Two meals had completely exploded from their containers. Chicken tikka masala -all -over- the place! This is most likely a first and last time ordering from here.

Great stuff! Really loving the group order function too on Catercow.

Jacquelynn W. reviewing Individual Taco Box by Cantina La Mexicana

This was my first time using Cater Cow for a lunch order and I opted to try Cantina La Mexicana. The delivery guy was amazing. He was nice and polite and set up the food on the tables. One container was a little crushed from being in the bag and he took the time to straighten the container out. He explained the process of ordering from Cater Cow but he was actually from the restaurant that I ordered from etc. He asked about my plans for the weekend which I though was nice and I asked him about his. It was a great experience and on top of that the food was amazing. I chose the individual taco boxes and the presentation of the tacos in the containers was exceptional. The overall experience was an A+++++

To be transparent, I was very worried about the CaterCow group order function. After learning about it and giving it a chance, this component of CaterCow will become a keystone in my administrative capacity for meetings moving forward. I feel the need to share it as a resource with other lines of business and administrative teams that I know. The service and the restaurant alleviated a lot of my stress in planning around an important team meeting today. I cannot emphasize the amount of relief I felt when I realized that the meals had each been already pre-labeled with everyone's name (a task I had done myself for years every time we had a large enough function to cater food). If you are looking for yummy, healthy, vibrant options for workplace meals, please consider using CaterCow and consider Mixteco. The food was delicious. My team was very tired of having sandwiches for every meal and given that the pandemic had now prompted us with the possibility to work remote every day, I knew I needed to incentivize my team for coming in during the week. They have loved every gathering we have planned since I discovered the site. As an Executive Assistant who is constantly juggling 3 tasks at once, I appreciate it so much. Jorge, the delivery person was also super friendly and helpful with the delivery from Mixteco.

My party and the food were a huge hit, and Cater Cow and your team were fantastic every step of the way! I couldn’t have pulled off today’s event without your help. I sang your praises to my guests, and can’t wait for the next chance to order from Cater Cow! Thanks SO much for this great service!

patricia D. reviewing Frjtz Breakfast Plates by Frjtz

my team and I love the quality of food, the fresh ingredients and the service from Frjtz and CaterCow.

This was my first order on CaterCow. Our delivery arrived a little early, the driver called when he got here as requested and food from Oren's was delicious, as always. I have hope for delivery services again, thank you CaterCow.

We love Arguello Catering and only use Catercow to order through them. Thank you for offering seasonal dishes with great follow through and different locations!

We love Arguello Catering and only use Catercow to order through them. Thank you for offering seasonal dishes with great follow through and different locations!

anthony v. reviewing Burrito Bowls by Skys Gourmet Tacos

Food was pretty good. Wish it came with chips as advertised. Had to go down the street to buy some. Presentation of the food did not reflect the picture on CaterCow.


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