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CaterCow Fees

When you go to checkout and place an order on our site, you'll see a few fees associated with each order. Each order will be a bit different depending on the delivery address, and your total headcount. While you can see a description of these fee's on the menu page or checkout page before you place an order, here is a quick summary of the fees you'll come across!

  • Delivery Fee: This is set by each individual restaurant on the distance to your location, this fee is different each time due to choosing different restaurants (unless 2 restaurants charge the same price for delivery). The delivery fee is paid directly to the restaurant as our restaurants provide delivery and need to cover the associated costs.
  • Tip: The tip is passed along directly to the restaurant (which typically ends up 100% with the driver, depending on the restaurant's operations). Tipping is not required but is certainly encouraged for good service (you can tip before or after delivery, via the website).
  • Service Fee: This fee keeps things moooving! It allows us to maintain and constantly improve our products and our restaurant partnerships, as well as provide outstanding service to our customers and restaurants so that we can offer you a high-quality and reliable ordering experience.

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