CaterCow Is Your Curated Source For Healthy And Light Breakfast Catering In Los Angeles.

At CaterCow, we believe that catering in Los Angeles can be amazing, and we can always strive to do better. We started with a simple mission in mind: to create delicious and healthy catering for your office, pitch meeting, production, or pick-me-up. We get it, not everyone wants a breakfast burrito or bacon and eggs every day of the week. CaterCow eliminates the monotony of standard catering with a variety of delicious options for you to choose from, including healthy grab-and-go breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Start off the day right with a healthy breakfast

Fresh, Authentic, and Unique Menus

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

We thoughtfully curate every option you see. We believe that food can inspire, spark conversation and bring people together. Our goal is to offer the best food for your group in a convenient-to-use, easy-to-order format.

What is CaterCow?

We’re an online catering marketplace featuring vetted menus designed to work for groups large and small.

Food with personality.

No more uninspired sandwich boxes. Pick from unique, seasonal options curated by our team.

Easy to use.

We’ve streamlined the process for ordering food for your group, just the click of a button and your job is done.

Super Easy To Get Breakfast

CaterCow's selection of vetted restaurants and caterers in Los Angeles means that you can discover a variety of healthy and delicious food, in a way that is easy and fun. We've done all the legwork for you in terms of taste and quality testing, and dietary requirements, so you don't have to.

Office Catering

Cater Cow’s Fully Customizable Options Allow You To Cater For Any Event.

We’ve worked with our caterers to create a fully customizable food and order process, so that you can easily cater for any event, including baby showers, product launches, office lunches, and more.

Office Catering

You Get To Eat Delicious Food.

Whether it's avocado toast, parfait, acai & smoothie bowls, or overnight oats, we deliver healthy catering to your home, office, or the place of your choosing so you can eat great food.

Office Catering

Catering Your Way

Whether you like to do everything yourself, get your team involved or would rather we took care of things for you, CaterCow has you covered.

CaterCow support

Managed Catering

If you order catering frequently and would prefer for us to handle menu selection, we can set you up with a dedicated account manager.

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Ordering For a Team?

Let your group choose what they want to eat with our simple and straightforward group ordering polls.

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See What Others Say

CaterCow is my go-to site for catering services. They have a wide variety of cuisines and are great for groups small or large. Their website makes it easy to find new caterers to try and to re-order our favorites with our customizations already set. Their customer service team provides high-quality and prompt support.”

Achievement First

Rene Morgan

Associate Director of Operations

Achievement First

Our company used CaterCow for our catered lunch service and they are fantastic. They always delivered on-time, and were extremely flexible in working with us when changes were required. Sean is amazing to work with!!! I would highly recommend CaterCow for anyone in need of catering services.”


Stacey Rinehart

Office Manager


Why I love CaterCow: One stop ordering. Our company host training events that can last up to 10 days. Catercow offers a wide selection of caterers providing a large variety of food items. I can order for each day of training by going to one online site. Great Customer Service, very responsive to my comments/feedback.”


Gina Myers

Training Coordinator


Too busy? Try Managed.

If you order catering frequently and would prefer for us to handle menu selection, we can set you up with a dedicated account manager. Your point of contact will send you weekly menus for approval and handle all coordination with restaurants. If interested, please fill out the provided form and we will get back to you with further details!

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