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We thoughtfully curate every option you see. We believe that food can inspire, spark conversation and bring people together. Our goal is to offer the best food for your group in a convenient-to-use, easy-to-order format.

No Artificial Intelligence. Powered by Humans.

At CaterCow, we don’t believe in using technology to predict what you want for lunch. Until computers can start tasting food, we’ll continue to rely on our in-house expertise to curate unique and delicious options that a group of any size will love.


What you see is what you get! All photos on our site are taken by us personally and unstaged—plastic containers, paper bags, and aluminum trays included.

Customize your order

Customize your order

Once you’ve selected a package, simply fill in your headcount and pick what you want from our custom menus. We’ll take it from there!



We know a late (or early) delivery can ruin an event, and we have zero tolerance for bad food and experiences. Any restaurant that doesn’t meet your expectations is immediately put on probation, and is removed from our site if they continue to fall short.

Helpful Features

Clear labels for dietary preferences

“Beans” sounds harmless enough, but may be an unpleasant surprise for vegans who find bacon bits. We verify dietary information with restaurants beforehand so no one in your group has to make their “side salad” a “main salad.”

Group Ordering

Having a hard time deciding what to order? With our group ordering feature (we call it "polling"), simply share a link with your team and let everyone choose what they each want! You can add any extras for stragglers. Food will arrive labeled with each person's name.

What Sets Us Apart

Responsive Customer Service

Have a special request or last minute cancellation? We’ll do our best to accommodate. Feel free to ask us for recommendations — we work closely with restaurants daily and can help you find the perfect solution for your event.

No Contract Required.
Account Manager Optional.

Whether you’re ordering food on a daily or yearly basis, we don’t require you to sign any contract. We’ve made our website easy enough for anyone to order without assistance. However, if you would like someone to help pick options for your group on a regular basis, check out CaterCow Managed.


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Rene Morgan, Associate Director of Operations

Achievement First, NYC

Stacey Rinehart, Office Manager

Amobee, SF Bay Area

Gina Myers, Training Coordinator / Administrator

Ultragenyx, SF Bay Area and Boston

Sam Arpino, Director of People Operations

The Trevor Project, LA and NYC

Rene Morgan, Associate Director of Operations

Achievement First, NYC

Easy, Reliable Way to Place Catering Orders

"CaterCow is my go-to site for catering services. They have a wide variety of cuisines and are great for groups small or large. Their website makes it easy to find new caterers to try and to re-order our favorites with our customizations already set. Their customer service team provides high-quality and prompt support. CaterCow provides an easy, reliable way to place catering orders."

Too busy? Try Managed.

If you order catering frequently and would prefer for us to handle menu selection, we can set you up with a dedicated account manager. Your point of contact will send you weekly menus for approval and handle all coordination with restaurants. If interested, please fill out the provided form and we will get back to you with further details!


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