Koy-rean BBQ & More

  • 16 North Street, Boston, Massachusetts
Boston's favorite Korean spot caters! Take your pick of their classic Korean stir fries, BBQ, japchae and more, plus house-made kimchi and rice.

Menu: $19.00

Advanced Notice Required: 44 Hours

Staff Pick

Choice of entrees

Up to 2
+1 Additional Veg

  • Bulgogi Beef Stir Fry

    Vermicelli, bulgogi beef, chili garlic sauce, mushrooms, bok choy & bean sprouts

  • Tofu Japchae

    Glass sweet potato noodles, julienne peppers, onion, scallion

  • KBBQ Pork Belly

    Chili pepper marinade, grilled kimchi, fajita vegetables

  • KBBQ Bulgogi

    Thinly sliced marinated steak, glass noodles, fajita vegetables

  • Kimchi Fried Rice

    Steamed rice wok fried with bulgogi beef, kimchi, green onion, sweet soy, fried egg

  • Shredded Steak Japchae

    Glass sweet potato noodles, julienne peppers, onion, scallion

  • Master Chang's Chicken

    Crispy chicken, sweet garlic chili sauce, garlic aioli, black roasted sesame

  • Angry Chicken

    Spicy tempura chicken, thai chili sauce, sesame, scallion

  • Teriyaki Chicken

    Marinated chicken thigh served with house fried rice

  • JJajangmyun

    Braised pork black bean bolognaise, udon noodles, cucumber

  • Mongolian Fried Rice

    Bacon crumbles, asparagus, fried egg, thai chili sticky sauce

  • Pad Thai

    Stir fried rice noodles, egg, tofu, crushed peanuts, lime

  • Traditional Bibimbap

    Seasonal vegetables, white rice, gochujang chili sauce, fried egg

Choice of sides and salads

Up to 2

  • Garden Salad

    Lettuce, cucumber, shredded carrot, tomato, fried wontons, buttermilk parmesan dressing

  • Mixed Vegetables

    Garlic, herbs, olive oil

  • Thai Chopped Salad

    Shredded napa cabbage, carrots, fried wontons, peanut dressing

  • Beet Salad

    Roasted beets, greens, crispy tofu, kochucharu dusted peanuts, balsamic

  • Crab Avocado Salad

    Greens, surimi crab meat, cucumber, green apple, tofu, avocado, edamame, creamy dressing

  • House Fried Rice
  • Bok Choy

    Brown butter, garlic

Included Items

  • Steamed white rice
  • Kimchi

Add Ons


  • Serving of Edamame

    Tossed in sea salt and chili flakes


  • Tray of Spicy Wings 24 Pieces


  • Tray of Bibimbap Fritters with Spicy Aioli 24 Pieces


  • Serving of Garlic Broccolini


  • Order of Sweet and Spicy Wings 6 Pieces


  • Tray of Shrimp Tempura & Ponzu Sauce 24 Pieces


  • Tray of Bang Bang Cauliflower Serves ~12


  • Tray of Scallion Pancakes with Sesame Soy Sauce 24 Pieces


  • Tray of Cheesesteak Dumplings 24 Pieces


  • Tray of Korean Mandu Veggie Dumplings 24 Pieces


  • Tray of Sweet & Sour Pork Dumplings 24 Pieces


  • Tray of Chili Shrimp Skewers 24 Skewers


  • Serving of Miso Soup


  • Serving of Grilled Asparagus


  • Tray of Rice Paper Veggie Spring Rolls with Hoisin Dipping Sauce 24 Pieces


  • Tray of Lobster Rangoons 24 Pieces


  • Tray of Tempura Tofu Skewers 24 Skewers


  • Tray of Chicken Teriyaki Skewers 24 Skewers


  • Tray of Beef Teriyaki Skewers 24 Skewers


  • Quart of Miso Soup Serves ~5


  • Serving of Buttered Bok Choy



  • Platter of Cinnamon Sugar Caramel Biscuits 24 Pieces


  • Platter of Chocolate Chip Cookies 24 Pieces



  • Soda


  • Bottled Water



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