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Digital Games

Digital Games

Not all teams are able to meet in person because they are spread throughout the United States and sometimes even the world! But that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in great team building activities.

Games like Among Us (available on just about any smartphone), Gartic Phone (available on any browser) and even Jackbox Games can add an interesting challenge for small teams looking to change things up from a traditional office happy hour activity.

The best part is that many of these games can be played in person if your team does decide to get together IRL.

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Order Catering for Your Happy Hour

Drinks at a happy hour event are almost a given but after a long work week, your team is going to need some food, too! Thankfully, CaterCow can help you out there! Many of the restaurants that provide drinks also have a bevy of happy hour friendly catering options as well! You can opt for a simple selection of appetizers or charcuterie to provide a little snack for your guests or for longer events you can opt for a whole buffet-style dinner spread! What’s even better is that you can use the food and drink aspect to help spice up your theme! Planning a Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour? Mixed tequila drinks and tacos would be a perfect complement!

Office Happy Hour Themes

Depending on the time of year for your happy hour event, it might be fun for your team to show off their creativity by settling on a theme and asking everyone to arrive in costume! Who said costumes had to be reserved for Halloween or that you couldn’t have Christmas in July?!

The 1920s

The 1920s

Break out the pearls, the Roaring 20s are back! Well, maybe they’re slightly delayed due to the pandemic but we’re working on it. You can kick things into gear at your next office get together! Turn that boring conference room into a speakeasy complete with black and gold decorations, a spread of tasty appetizers and the opportunity for everyone to get all dolled up! And if you have the budget, an on-site mixologist will ensure that your party is the bee’s knees!



They’re unavoidable at this point - superheroes are everywhere and everyone has their favorites. You can find out who in the office is a total Marvel zombie or a dedicated DC fan. But this kind of theme doesn’t have to be limited to the Big Two. There are sure to be fans of plenty of other superhero media such as The Boys, Hellboy and Invincible amongst your colleagues. This theme might seem a little bit childish but it’s low-stress and presents a great opportunity for an icebreaker.

Sitcom Party

Sitcom Party

If you ask around the CaterCow office, The Office is the greatest sitcom of all time. But inviting your colleagues to a party where they can dress as their favorite sitcom characters is a great way for everyone to get to know each other and take a trip down memory lane with characters they might have forgotten about! Just make sure you involve the Party Planning Committee. You don’t want a repeat of the “A Pizza Your Own” party of 1993.

1980s Party

1980s Party

This is an easy theme that combines great tunes and loud decorations. The 80s are perfect for an office party because it was a decade jam packed with fashion and pop culture. The 80s saw the introduction of Bud Light, the Apple MacIntosh and MTV! For some added fun, purchase some disposable cameras (invented in 1987!) and leave them around the party for anyone to use. Once you get those developed, you’re sure to have some great candid shots!

White Elephant

White Elephant

Everyone loves opening gifts so why leave it to just the holiday season? A White Elephant party does require a little bit of planning. A budget must be set for each of the gifts and some guidelines should be set around what is appropriate for your office. However, they can be a great way to bond with your colleagues and have a little bit of fun. Just make sure that no one buys a $400 iPod Video or things could get a little awkward. ;)

Office Olympics

Office Olympics

Quick! Who can fix a paper jam the fastest? Who can race through the office while carrying a 5 gallon water jug? Who can fit the most M&Ms in their mouth? An office olympics party is a great way to play some games and blow off some steam with your coworkers. You can even add general office awards like one for who makes the best coffee or who is the best dressed. It may seem silly but if you have the budget you can even get trophies and have an awards ceremony.

Ready to Reopen?

After months apart, while distancing may still be the new normal, food will always be a way to bring people together.

Re-open with individually-wrapped and buffet style lunches for your team.

Tips for a Smooth Happy Hour

1. Don’t make it a potluck

While potlucks can seem enticing because everyone gets introduced to everyone else’s favorite foods, it can be a lot of pressure to place on your team and there is potential for someone’s feelings to get hurt if their dish is unpopular.

2. Poll your team

You might be the one in charge of planning but you should always ask your team for their opinion on activities, theme and refreshments. You wouldn’t want to bring a karaoke machine out for folks who aren’t going to be excited to participate.

3. Order enough

If you are ordering any food or drinks for your event, you have to consider that people might have a larger appetite than you expected. CaterCow recommends ordering for 10-15% higher than your headcount if your budget allows to ensure that there is enough for everyone. It’s highly unlikely that any food goes to waste and if there are any leftovers, be sure to have some to-go containers so that your team can bring some home.

4. Alcohol is not necessary

Just because happy hours are traditionally associated with alcohol doesn’t mean you need to feel pressure to provide beer or liquor. Make-your-own smoothie bars or milkshake bars are a fun, sober alternative that can be just as rewarding an experience! And moving away from beverages altogether - frozen yogurt or build-your-own ice cream sundaes are always a hit!

5. Travel safe

When it comes to office safety, encouraging people to be responsible is key especially if alcohol is involved. Show your guests that you care by providing Uber or Lyft vouchers, a shuttle bus or just encouraging people to carpool with designated drivers, you can help make a difference.

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