Catering Menus For Vegetarians

Does ordering vegetarian catered meals stress you out? Whether you're feeding a group that has only 2 to 3 vegetarians, or you're looking to do an all-vegetarian Meatless Monday, finding high-quality vegetarian meals can be intimidating!

CaterCow makes it easy to order your office meals while accommodating your vegetarian dietary needs. The best part? You get to skip the line at the trendy restaurant down the street, and in the process, you support small business owners. Everyone wins at lunch!

Vegetarian Menu Items Catered for Your Group

Your vegetarians deserve more than just bland cooked veggies! No matter the cuisine, feed your vegetarians with appetizing and filling meals! Here are our favorite vegetarian main dishes.

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Vegetarians Love CaterCow

Plenty of Vegetarian Menu Options

99.5% of the thousands of menus on CaterCow have hearty and delicious menu items that are eat-worthy of even your pickiest vegetarians! No need to sacrifice menu variety and quality! Rest assured whether you're ordering Mexican, Mediterranean, or Thai, there will be at least one vegetarian entree.

We Go Out of Our Way to Accommodate Vegetarians

If a restaurant doesn't typically offer a vegetarian option on their regular menu, we work with the kitchen team to craft a special vegetarian meal exclusive on CaterCow. Make sure no vegetarian goes hangry!

Let Your Team Choose Vegetarian Meals

Do you find it hard to guess the "correct" number of vegetarian meals to order? One day, your meat-eaters may snatch tasty vegetarian entrees, leaving your actual vegetarians hungry. Another day, your vegetarians go out to get their own food, leaving you with leftover vegetarian meals and angry meat-eaters wanting more chicken. You can't win! With CaterCow, you have the ability for each teammate to individually select their own meals so you can order just the right amount of vegetarian meals!

High Quality Vegetarian Meals, Not Just an Afterthought

Have you ever asked a restaurant about their vegetarian option, only for them to tell you it was some bland beans and side salad? That certainly isn't going to fly with vegetarians. With CaterCow, your vegetarian options are filling, nutritious, tasty, and appetizing even for meat eaters.

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We thoughtfully curate every option you see. We believe that food can inspire, spark conversation and bring people together. Our goal is to offer the best food for your group in a convenient-to-use, easy-to-order format.

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We’re an online catering marketplace featuring vetted menus designed to work for groups large and small.

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