How to Order Gluten-Free Catering

Ordering gluten free has become more and more popular in the past few years, both for those with celiac disease and also for folks who want to eat more healthily.

Looking for menu ideas that are both gluten-free and delicious? Look no further! With a little creativity, any catering menu can be adapted to be gluten-free.

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Curated Menus for Gluten-Free Eaters

At CaterCow, we make it easy to accommodate your gluten-free eaters. Almost all of our menus have gluten free options, and even sandwich menus have gluten-free bread and grain bowl options that'll satisfy the pickiest of eaters. We've handpicked a selection of catering packages below that have lots of gluten free options or avoid it entirely!

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Gluten Free Menu Items Catered for Your Group

No matter the cuisine, feed your gluten free eaters with appetizing and filling meals! Here are our favorite gluten free main dishes.

Safe to eat
Protein & Veggies As a rule, sticking to meat and veggies is pretty hard to go wrong. Think salad bars, grilled meat, and crudités platters. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern diets are heavy in these two food groups
Starchy Sides You can still eat carbs! Try dishes like potatoes, yams, beans, and lentils
Arepas, Tamales, and Corn Tortilla Tacos Corn flour is gluten free! Enjoy a wide array of Mexican and Latin flavors.
Salad Bowls/Bars and (some) Grain Bowls Opt for rice and quinoa as gluten-free bases. Watch out for bulgur and couscous as these grains DO contain gluten
Watch out for
Processed Meats Breadcrumbs are frequently added to meatballs, while imitation seafood and processed meats like hot dogs and veggie burgers can also contain gluten
Indian Appetizers Sometimes Indian dishes use normal flour instead of chickpea flour
Sauces, Dressings, Stuffings, and Seasonings Be careful of Asian foods as soy sauce contains trace amounts of gluten, and some salad dressings contain malt which is derived from barley.
Thai Food Generally Thai cuisine has more gluten-free options than other Asian fare. Rice noodles, jasmine rice, and fish sauce replace wheat noodles and soy sauce
Crepes and Pancakes While these awesome breakfast options are typically off the table, be on the lookout for buckwheat crepes as an alternative
Baked Goods Look for gluten-free designations on any baked goods; otherwise, it's pretty safe to say these will not be a good pick for your event
Sandwiches & Wraps While some restaurants offer gluten-free bread and wraps, they can be hard to find.
Pasta It can be tough to find gluten-free options for pasta dishes. In general, it's probably best to avoid it if many in your group have gluten sensitivities!

What is gluten and how do I avoid it?

If you have a sensitivity to wheat, rye, or barley, then you know how difficult it can be to find foods that don't contain traces of these proteins. Gluten can be found in everything from bread and pasta to sauces and seasonings. Cross-contamination is a big concern for those with celiac disease or a wheat allergy, as even a tiny crumb can trigger an unpleasant reaction. Caterers and office managers need to be especially careful to avoid any cross-contamination during food preparation, cooking, and even serving.

Does this mean I have to compromise on flavor?

Not at all! In fact, most of the typical offenders offer gluten-free alternatives. One easy substitution is to use grain-based flours like tapioca, almond or coconut flour instead of traditional wheat flour. This works well for baked goods such as cupcakes or breads.

Another option is to focus on naturally gluten-free foods such as fresh meats, fish, poultry, legumes, dairy, rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. There are endless possibilities here - charcuterie boards, salad bars, grain bowls, and more. Just be careful with seasonings and sauces, as they can sometimes add gluten to otherwise safe dishes.

If you're looking for 100% gluten-free options, give us a shout and we can assist. With a little planning, it's easy to create a delicious and gluten-free meal that everyone will enjoy!

Ordering Gluten Free is Easy on CaterCow

Plenty of Gluten Free Menu Options

99% of the thousands of menus on CaterCow have hearty and delicious menu items that are eat-worthy of even your pickiest gluten free eaters! No need to sacrifice menu variety and quality! Rest assured whether you're ordering Mexican, Mediterranean, or Thai, there will be gluten free entrees. We'll share with you clearly on each menu what's gluten free and what's not.

We Go Out of Our Way to Accommodate Gluten Free Diets

If a restaurant doesn't typically offer a gluten free option on their regular menu, we work with the kitchen team to craft a special gluten free meal exclusive on CaterCow. Normal bread can be replaced with grain bowls or gluten free bread. Normal soy sauce can be replaced with gluten free Tamari soy sauce. Flour tortillas can be replaced with corn tortillas.

Let Your Team Choose Gluten Free Meals

Do you find it hard to guess the "correct" number of gluten free meals to order? With CaterCow, you have the ability for each teammate to individually select their own meals so you can order just the right amount of gluten free meals!

High Quality Gluten Free Meals, Not Just an Afterthought

Have you ever asked a restaurant about their gluten free option, only for them to tell you it was some bland salad? With CaterCow, your gluten free options are filling, nutritious, tasty, and appetizing for everyone.

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