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Why Should Your Company Prioritize Employee Meals?


Written by Kathleen Vogt • July 31, 2023

Why Should Your Company Prioritize Employee Meals?

At the end of the day, we have to eat. I suppose this statement is meant both rhetorically and literally. If we’re going down the literal route, then it’s not just at the end of the day that we need to put food in our stomachs. Breakfast, lunch, snackies — all of these meals are important, as food is the fuel that helps us work, relax, laugh, and connect with others.

If we have to eat, why not make employee meals a thing? Read on to learn why more companies should prioritize employee meals.

What are employee meals?

Employee meals are meals shared by colleagues, often organized and paid for by the company. They can be formal or casual, hosted in the company kitchen or at a nearby restaurant. Colleagues can bring their own dishes to share or the meal can be catered. Employee meals are a time for the company to come together to share food, sparking conversation that can deepen relationships.

The goal of employee meals is to build a sense of camaraderie and to offer an activity to do together other than, well, work. Because everyone needs to eat, meals are a great opportunity to center the collective attention around an activity — eating yummy food.

Why are employee meals together important?

There are many reasons why more companies should prioritize employee meals. Here are some of the reasons why employee meals are important:

  • You can build connection. Meaningful connection with those around you is one of the major motivators of the modern era. Especially because we spend so much time at work, having time to get to know your coworkers can help you feel more energized by the workday. You might also make a few friends with your coworkers, which can enhance your life in many ways even outside of the office.
  • Food is an easy conversation starter. Besides the weather, food is probably one of the easiest conversation topics — if you’re new to the company or still settling in, having a conversation about the meal with someone outside of your direct team can be a good go-to topic. You might find that you have a similar palate to your colleagues, or you might learn more about your colleague’s food background. Food is a natural pathway to opening up to others, like when you describe how your grandma used to make Annie's mac and cheese for you after school each day.
  • It’s an excuse to get away from the computer. We’ve heard it time and time again, computer screens are not good for our poor little eyeballs. Taking breaks from looking at the screen of your computer is a healthy habit, so why not take your break by laying your eyes on a delicious chicken burrito? Employee meals are a great way to promote health and wellbeing for the company and to give our brains and bodies time away from the desk.
  • Meals together are a great way to celebrate. Employee meals are an amazing way to celebrate company milestones, as nearly everyone looks forward to free food — especially if it’s sourced from a well-known local restaurant. The promise of an employee meal can be a strong motivator for hard work, and employee meals can also be a great perk of the job.

What’s on the menu?

If you’re sold on the idea of hosting an employee meal or a series of employee meals, it’s now time to talk about the menu.

With CaterCow, it’s easy to organize a catered lunch for the whole office, whether that’s a handful of people or a group of a hundred and more. You can pick the size of your order, including whether you want buffet style or individual portions. CaterCow lets you filter by dietary restrictions, which can be extremely useful when trying to accommodate kosher, vegetarian, or vegan meals for those who need them.

Want employee meals to become a regular thing? If bringing together your team to connect with one another on a regular cadence becomes a priority for you, CaterCow offers regular account management and repeat orders. Not sure what to order? Let our food photos convince you. We’ve taste-tested every meal that’s made it onto our menu to ensure high quality, so whatever you pick, bon appetit.