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The Benefits of CaterCow Account Management


Written by Riley Fairchild • February 28, 2023

The Benefits of CaterCow Account Management

Good food makes for good morale, especially in the workplace. Whether you’re providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks for your office, ordering catering can be a great way to spark joy and promote connection amongst your colleagues. While most people think of catering as mainly occurring at major events, like milestone celebrations, catering for regular, low-key occasions is just as nice. And the best kind of catering? Catering you don’t have to think about!

Catering account management is a simple solution to making regular catering orders, which can be especially handy when you provide your office with food on a predictable basis. Read on to learn the answers to the top three questions about account management for catering orders.

What is catering account management?

Account management, in a broad sense, is when a product or service comes with customized customer service and support. Usually, an account manager is someone who can help you with the features of your account - whether that’s your orders, your invoices, or any troubleshooting required. Having an account manager means that you have a go-to contact when you have questions. Their main role is to meet your needs and to support your use of their product or service.

In catering, account management wouldn’t be complete without a real, live person there to answer your questions. Your account manager can answer your questions about how to place or change orders and scheduled deliveries. In summary, catering account management is an opportunity for you to stress less about feeding your office and focus on what matters most to you.

What can I do with catering account management?

With CaterCow catering account management, the real question is more like: “What don’t you have to do?”

CaterCow account managers act independently based on your instruction. They’ll meet your needs through understanding your preferences - they can even take into consideration dietary restrictions, like kosher eating. They can set up a regular catering schedule for you so you know that food for the office is taken care of week on week. This way, you don’t have to remember to order catering for each office meal, saving you the hassle of figuring out what to order and when it needs to be delivered. Account management is very useful, too, when you’re taking time off but don’t want to leave your colleagues hungry!

Your CaterCow account manager can also give recs! If you aren’t sure what you want to order, leave it up to your account manager to recommend new restaurants or exciting menu options. You’ll be in the know of what restaurants are popular and what foods are making people smile.

To summarize what CaterCow catering account management can do for you, it’s all about convenience, consistency, and variety. You’ll save time while still giving your office the high quality food that they deserve.

How does catering account management differ from ordering catering the regular way?

Catering account management differs from regular catering orders in a few ways. In general, however, the best way to order your office meals will depend on how much time you have to spend on organizing catering, whether you have a strong preference for picking exactly what you want to order each time, and if you have catered meals on a regular basis.

There are also benefits of ordering catering “the old fashioned way” - the first being that you can save money without having to pay for a premium account. When you drop the account management component of an account, you’ll also have full control over what you order and when you order. This gives you flexibility, which can be useful if you want the freedom to make changes on a whim or at the last minute. Regular ordering gives you greater control and the ability to personalize your office meals when you order catering the regular way.

However, not everyone has time to comb through the menus of the hundreds of amazing restaurants listed in CaterCow’s catering directory each time they want to treat their colleagues. In fact, some people experience the paradox of choice - too many options makes for quick overwhelm! Account management might just be the answer.

If you’re curious about what account management could look like for your company, reach out to CaterCow at support@catercow.com. You can also learn about CaterCow Organizations, which can also be a good solution to saving time and effort with your catering orders!