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Office Catering, Catered To You


Written by Sean Li • March 1, 2021

Office Catering, Catered To You

Every team has unique needs when it comes to catering. Some office managers prefer to work with an account manager as a concierge, while others want the independence of ordering food online themselves. In some companies, food is ordered on everyone’s behalf, while in other offices, individual employees choose what they each want. Some order breakfast once-a-quarter, while others do daily lunch. Regardless of your needs, CaterCow has a solution for everyone, and we’re excited to walk you through our services that will best fit your needs!

1. Self-Service — You order for the team

Who This is For: You want control over what your team eats (even if it’s a group order — more on this later). You’ve got fairly simple food ordering needs. You find food ordering to be fun, rather than overwhelming. You love food!

How This Works: Picture this as Grubhub, but for catering. You search by address, date / time, and number of people, browse CaterCow’s vetted menus, and order away! There’s no back and forth with an account manager (though you can reach out to us with any questions, and we’ll get back to you ASAP). You can easily adjust menu selections for any dietary restrictions, such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. You have full control over what you order!

Next Steps: Browse our menus and place an order in less than 3 minutes!

2. Managed Concierge — CaterCow account manager takes care of ordering

Who This is For: Weekly breakfasts? Daily lunches? If you order frequently and don’t want to spend all day stressing about menu variety that will please everyone, this is the option for you. Or, if you’re more comfortable working with a human being, rather than ordering from a website, CaterCow account managers are here for you.

How This Works: We’ll tailor our services depending on how involved you want to be. We can choose everything for you, or you can suggest menus for us (e.g. “we love Indian food”, “no boring sandwiches!”). Vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free team members? No problem! We’ll discuss your preferences and share options via phone or email, whatever is easiest for you. Some of our customers like to order a week or 2 in advance, but even if you need a meal in the next few hours, we’ll make it happen!

Next Steps: Let us know what your needs are here!

3. Group Order Polling — Individual team members choose what they want

*** Available both via self-service or through an account manager!

Who This is For: Power to the people. This is for teams with individual who want to choose what they eat — Sally needs her chicken, and John wants his beef. It’s also for the office manager who doesn’t want to get stressed out by choosing on behalf of others. And finally, this could be for teams that prefer individual style (vs buffet style) meals.

How This Works: Either you setup the menu (self-service), or a CaterCow account manager puts together a menu for each individual to choose from. You can setup an entire calendar week or month full of menus ahead of time for teammates. You can add extra meals for guests and forgetful employees, too! Bonus — meals come labeled with each person’s name!

Next Steps: Check out our group order menus. Either order directly if you like ordering self-service, or reach out to us for an account manager.

4. Fare — Employees and tenants figure out food for themselves

Who This is For: This is for offices and buildings that want to provide employees and tenants with an additional food delivery service, but otherwise want no other involvement! It is completely up to the individual what they want for lunch.

How This Works: We pick popular menus based on what we know about your team or tenants’ food preferences. Each individual orders what they want, as they would on Grubhub. Food gets delivered at a set time each day. Outside of potentially a subsidy you’d like to provide, there is no involvement from the company or the building. Each individual is responsible for their own food and works with us directly. Optional — we can setup an outpost shelf for your building!

Next Steps: Setup a rotating menu for your building or team here!

Your team’s food needs are unique, and we want to setup the perfect service that makes you, your teammates, and your boss happy! At the end of the day, do you want to deal with food ordering yourself or do you want an account manager? Do individual employees choose meals themselves, or do we decide on their behalf? These are the fundamentals questions that you need to ask yourself in finding the perfect service. We’ll be right here to provide you something that fits your needs!