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Waffle Donuts vs. Croissant Donuts



Pasticceria Bruno
New York
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Assorted Daffles (Wonuts) or flavors of your choice (1 per person)
Donut-shaped croissants (1 per person) - Don't want to wait in line at 6am for a bakery to open on Spring Street? Try our donut-shaped croissants (we call them The Brunotti)! Assorted variety or choose from a variety of flavors
DELIVERY ONLY AVAILABLE FROM 10AM TO 2:30PM (our products are made fresh from the bakery every morning)

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$7 per person plus delivery & service

$84 minimum order

2 days order notice required


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I get the office breakfast on Mondays mornings and I didnt like the idea of sweets for breakfast but these are too good to pass up. They are amazing.

July, 2014 · 9 people

The caterer arrived at 9:30am on the dot and had the breakfast pastries boxed up beautifully. Not only did the brunotti look incredible, two of my staff members proclaimed they were literally the best things we've ever had." These were so popular and incredibly flaky and delicious that we can't wait to have another event to order them again!

November, 2014 · 20 people

5 stars

April, 2015 · 16 people



The food we ordered was delicious and fun! All of my guests loved that they could try one of each pastry!

August, 2014 · 22 people

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Pasticceria Bruno

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