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DAFFLE (WONUT) - Waffle + Donut

Sweets 'n Treats

Pasticceria Bruno
New York
per person

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What's Included?

Assorted Daffles (Wonuts) or flavors of your choice (1 per person)
Each Daffle (Wonut) roughly 3''
DELIVERY ONLY AVAILABLE FROM 10AM TO 2:30PM (our products are made fresh from the bakery every morning)

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$3 per person plus delivery & service

$60 minimum order

2 days order notice required


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Reviews of DAFFLE (WONUT) - Waffle + Donut

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5 stars

October, 2015 · 200 people

We love the wonuts/daffles from Pasticceria Bruno! The summer variety flavors that came this time (lemon-blueberry?!?!) were awesome. Great experience.

June, 2015 · 140 people

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These were so delicious and such a group pleaser! I will definitely order them again!

October, 2014 · 35 people

The Wonuts/Daffles (Waffle/Donut Combo) were a huge hit at the office. Everyone loved them!! The CEO of the company even said that the maple syrup glazed one may have been one of the greatest things he's ever eaten. The maple syrup glazed and the vanilla sugar ones were way more popular then the red velvet or nutella chocolate if you're ordering by flavor. Will definitely get these again!

May, 2014 · 75 people



Great option. Just as good as the "cronuts". There were none left over. The texture was perfect moist and slightly crisp at the same time. Red Velvet was a fave. May want to order double the order next time as they are smaller then the "cronuts" and go quicker :)

May, 2014 · 14 people

Ordered the wonuts/doffles for an office Halloween party and they were AMAZING. Staff couldn't get enough of them. They delivered 2 hours early (it was Halloween and they were booked on orders) but the wonuts stayed fresh until the event.

October, 2015 · 20 people

The daffles (donut waffles) were a unique and popular hit!

August, 2014 · 24 people

5 stars

March, 2015 · 54 people

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Everyone loved these daffles! It was the perfect treat!

May, 2014 · 35 people



Awesome Wonuts (Waffle Donuts). Joeseph and Fina are amazing and very accommodating with the orders. The Wonuts were a complete hit at the meeting and were gone in a matter of minutes. Would definitely order from these guys again and happy to have them cater some morning sweet treats for the office! Thanks team!

September, 2015 · 30 people



The wonuts were a big hit at the office! They came earlier than expected, were so delicious and a lot of us had to go back for more! The maple glazed were very popular, and it was also nice to have gluten free options. We will definitely be ordering them again!

May, 2014 · 100 people

The "Wonuts" were a hit at our event!

May, 2014 · 200 people

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