Healthy Breakfast Frittatas Meal

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Delicious baked frittatas

Menu: $14.50

Staff Pick

Choice of frittatas

gluten free frittatas served with country potatoes

Up to 2
+1 Additional Veg

  • Bacon, cheese, assorted veggies
  • Mixed veggies and cheese
  • Ham, cheese, assorted veggies
  • Sausage, cheese, assorted veggies
  • Bacon and assorted veggies
  • Ham and assorted veggies
  • Sausage and assorted veggies
  • Mixed veggies NO CHEESE

Add Ons

Breakfast Sides

  • Serving of Country Breakfast Potatoes


  • Serving of Scrambled Eggs


  • Breakfast Pastry

    Assorted types


  • Vegan Pastry

    Assorted types


  • Individually-Packaged Yogurt Parfait Cup

    With granola and fruit


  • Single Serving of Fresh Sliced Fruit


  • Individually Packaged Fruit Salad



  • Individual Assorted Sodas


  • Individual Bottled Waters


  • Box of Coffee Serves ~10

    With all the works (milk, sugar, etc.)


  • Box of Hot Water and Tea Bags Serves ~10


  • Box of Decaf Coffee Serves ~10

    With all the works (milk, sugar, etc.)


Smoothies and Juices

  • Individual Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Serves ~10


  • Berry Blast Smoothie (Min qty 4)

    Blueberry, strawberry, low-fat vanilla yogurt, honey


  • Lean Green Smoothie (Min qty 4)

    Kale, spinach, pineapple, banana, mango


  • Indivdual Bottled Orange Juice



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