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Why Are Reviews Important?

Why Are Reviews Important?

Great question, thanks for asking! When you’re looking for a new restaurant to try out, you probably check reviews to see what other customers ordered and what they thought about the food and service they received. Many will base their decisions on what to order and where to eat from these reviews.

Not only do your reviews help other CaterCow customers, but they also help our caterers and restaurant partners too!

Our Community of Customers: You get an honest insight into previous orders so that you can make informed decisions for your specific event.

Our Catering Partners: Caterers receive your feedback from these reviews and can use these insights to improve their food and operations. Positive reviews help our partner's brands get more exposure! Negative reviews help them improve.

Helping CaterCow: As mentioned above, reviews can help everyone make informed decisions or improvements. Your reviews help us to maintain the most reliable catering service we can provide! We take our catering partnerships and their reliability very seriously. When caterers receive bad reviews we jump into action to see how we can help them solve these problems. If problems continue, we may make the tough decision to no longer offer them on our website.

Positive or negative, we want to hear about it, we are always looking for ways to improve the experience for the entire CaterCow community! Help us keep things Moooving!

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