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A bowl of pho is more than just a meal; it's a cultural experience. Dating back to the French colonial period, this Vietnamese dish has been through many iterations and today is enjoyed all over the world. Pho begins with a flavorful Nam Dinh broth, which is created using beef bones, flank steak oxtails, charred onion, charred ginger, and various spices like star anise, cinnamon, cloves, black cardamom and coriander. The final product is a delicately balanced noodle soup that can be enjoyed any time of day. Every Vietnamese restaurant has their own take on this classic dish and now you can treat your team to a meal that is sure to satisfy their tastebuds!

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Our menus are designed with you in mind, and we are proud to offer a variety of pho packages that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you have specific dietary needs or just want a delicious and hassle-free meal, CaterCow has you covered.

Best Practices and Tips when Ordering Pho Vietnamese Soup Noodles

Best Practices and Tips when Ordering Pho Vietnamese Soup Noodles

The most important thing for pho delivery is that the dry ingredients and the broth are delivered in separate containers to prevent sogginess. For individual style, each person gets two containers - one container of dry ingredients (noodles, protein, toppings), and 1 container of broth. For buffet style, a restaurant might pre-portion the dry ingredients per person (1 container per person), and then have large cambros for the broth for folks to assemble themselves. Some restaurants might also have just the noodles and proteins pre-portioned per person, but then enable you to have the toppings set up buffet-style so that each individual can customize their meal as they see fit.

How much should I order?

How much should I order?

For individually-packaged pho, one container of dry ingredients and one container of broth should be enough for any one person. Buffet-style can be a bit trickier. We strongly suggest that you order food for more people than are in your party for buffet-style catering. The reason is that often times people toward the front of the line tend to take more food than they mean to because it looks like so much is available. But restaurants are portioning a specific amount per person and anyone who takes extra might be leaving someone else without lunch. To avoid this, we recommend ordering 10-15% higher than your headcount or taking advantage of the "extra protein" option when available! Everyone has a different idea of what a "full portion" looks like. It's better to be safe than hungry!

Can I make my order gluten-free?

Can I make my order gluten-free?

Yes! Vermicelli rice noodles are a common gluten-free substitute at many Vietnamese restaurants. Look for the (GF) indicator to know if your selection is gluten-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of toppings are included with Pho Vietnamese Soup Noodles?

...more Popular toppings include onions, bean sprouts, thai basil, lime, cilantro and jalapeños. Some restaurants will also include sriracha and hoisin sauce as well.

Are there vegan and vegetarian options for Pho Vietnamese Soup Noodles?

...more Yes! Many restaurants can substitute an animal-based protein for tofu or additional vegetables. They may also use vegetable broth in place of beef or chicken broth. Look for the (V) and (VG) indicators next to each options to know if your selection is vegetarian or vegan.

What goes well with Pho Vietnamese Soup Noodles?

...more Popular sides for pho include summer rolls and fried spring rolls.

What ingredients are in Pho Vietnamese Soup Noodles?

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Tofu
  • Aromatic beef broth w/ free range chicken
  • Aromatic beef broth w/ thinly sliced rare filet mignon
  • Aromatic beef broth w/ thinly sliced rare filet mignon & beef meatballs
  • GF Vegan soup w/ tofu & organic mushrooms

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