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Why you should work at CaterCow


Written by Sean Li • April 26, 2017

Why you should work at CaterCow

TL;DR - Join CaterCow if you want to:

  • Help grow small, local food businesses
  • Have an actual impact on a profitable startup
  • Travel the world with your coworkers

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Help local food businesses thrive

The work we're doing continues to help hundreds of small businesses save time and make more money. One way we're accomplishing this is by transforming boring catering menus into easy-to-compare and fun-to-browse packages that increase sales for our catering partners.

Our vendors are seeing business-altering sales and our customers are discovering amazing local food they were previously unaware of.

What caterers are saying:

Sales in 2016 with CaterCow will be around 80-90% more than 2015. I've already hired one part-timer and am in the process of hiring a second.  Both will work catering hours specifically. Looking forward to an amazing 2017. - Five Tacos

What customers are saying:

I am new to the Boston area (I just moved in June) so I've always had trouble determining what restaurants are good for office lunches since I'm not aware of the local restaurants. Your service definitely makes it easier to find different vendors and it also mixes it up.  Last week I literally got the feedback, "Tracy, I just wanted to let you know that you have really been killin' it in the food department."- Tracy from Hopper

Have a tangible impact on the success of CaterCow

We're looking to hire entrepreneurs. Our team size is small but our company affects thousands of vendors and customers nationwide, giving everyone who works here an opportunity to take on huge responsibility. We're supportive, not structured. So we'll give you the tools you need to succeed but we want you to think like an entrepreneur and grow CaterCow however possible.

From the CaterCow team:

"Since day one in my role at CaterCow, I've known that my day to day tasks have a meaningful and immediate impact on the company. In my first three months, I was in charge of growing our vendor base in Boston from 0 to now more than 400 packages. I got to handle everything from caterer on-boarding to scheduling photo shoots. Fast forward 10 months later, it has been incredibly rewarding to see the caterers I signed up get their first orders and love from our customers because of their awesome food." -Dina
From experience working in customer support and caterer sales, I was able to help make informed improvements to our package structure; universally useful organizational tools like choices / default choices and package categorizations that improved user experience on both the customer and caterer sides as well as for our operations team. Over the course of 2 months I created inventory of nearly 400 orderable packages in team efforts to prep a new market for successful launch. -Rachel
Having the support and confidence from management to execute on your ideas without having restricting oversight is great. For example, by combining my hands on experience of talking to customers with research into sales strategies I autonomously created a customer acquisition system that increased the number of new customers per week by 48%. - Tyler

Travel the world as part of our work/life balance policies

While our home base is in DUMBO, Brooklyn we don't believe you have to be stuck in an office to be a successful company. Sometimes this means working remotely during the cold winter months. Other times it means taking the team out to one of the world's most renowned restaurants, Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

We've also carved out time to go on company off-sites around the world with the team including Mykonos, Istanbul, Chile, and Switzerland.

Below are photos of our most recent trip to Veysonnaz, Switzerland in February, 2017. We worked with the alps in the background, skied fresh snow, sampled local food, and experienced Mardi Gras in Verbier!

We want you to apply if you're ready to make a big impact alongside a small group of hardworking individuals who don't take themselves too seriously. Check out and apply to our open jobs here.