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Top 10 (Relatively) Healthy Office Snacks


Written by Nate Mortensen • January 22, 2024

Top 10 (Relatively) Healthy Office Snacks

You’ve just finished drafting an important email to your manager. You’ve had your head down in the work for going on two hours now, and the clock is still a few hours away from indicating it’s time to go home. You eyes are sore, your stomach yearning for a little something nice, and you need to take a break. Your superhero? Office snacks.

Office snacks don’t necessarily need to be donuts, chips, or chocolate — though we love those too. There are also healthy office snacks to keep on hand for your company so when a snack break calls, you can answer.

Fresh fruit

The first healthy snack to keep around the office is fresh fruit: apples, bananas, oranges. If you want to get fancy, perhaps some plums or pears. Choose fruit that comes in individual servings so the office can avoid sharing germs, though with the right utensils, cantaloupe or watermelon might not be a bad idea.

To give the fruit a little extra, stock up on toppings like peanut butter or nuts and seeds. Seasonings like Tajin are also a good way to make fruit flavors more exciting, encouraging teammates to eat more of it — and reap the benefits of the fruit’s many vitamins.

Crudites and dip

What comes after fruit when we’re talking about healthy snacks? Vegetables, of course! Fruits like carrots, celery sticks, broccoli, or cauliflower come in easy bite sizes and are easily crunched upon in the office kitchen. These veggies pair well with healthy dips, including dips like hummus or black bean dip. This snack can keep teams full as they spend time in the office.

Greek yogurt and honey

Greek yogurt has many health benefits, especially when its probiotics are taken into account, because nothing is better than a healthy gut! If the yogurt is too sour for the average palate in the office, consider offering add-ins like honey, maple syrup, seeds, nuts, or the aforementioned fresh fruit. The creamy nature of Greek yogurt is innately satisfying, making this a nutritious and delicious office treat.

Cheese and crackers

The next healthy snack is cheese and crackers, particularly when they replace more traditional office snacks like salty chips. Crackers, especially whole grain crackers, can be a good source of carbohydrates and also a satisfying crunch. When paired with cheese, this snack will go a long way to filling up a stomach and satiating hunger so you can get back to work without having your mind wonder about your next meal.


The popcorn we’re talking about here is not movie theater-style popcorn that’s drenched in delicious-but-unhealthy butter. Popcorn comes in many ways, and at its very basic state, it can be literally made from just corn kernels and a bit of oil. To add more flavor, light salting or seasoning can make it a fun snack. With its low calorie nature, it’s also a snack that’s beneficial for those looking to reduce the amount of calories eaten throughout the day.

Dried fruit

If fresh fruit isn’t your thing, dried fruit maintains many of the same nutritional properties and can be a good alternative. Dried fruit like dried apricots, dried cranberries, or dried cherries are a satisfying texture that’s almost like eating candy. These fruits are a good source of fiber too, which can help things stay on track when it comes to your digestion.

Veggie chips

Veggie chips — that is, chips made out of vegetables and not potatoes — are a healthier version of the classic chip. They’re often made out of sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, beets, spinach, or many other ingredients. The thing to keep in mind, though, with veggie chips is that moderation is key to maintaining the “healthy” label. These chips are just as delicious as potato chips, so be careful not to mindlessly eat these ones, otherwise you might have an empty bag before you know it!

Homemade protein bars

If you’re forward thinking, bringing homemade protein bars in for an office snack can be a great way to satiate your hunger while getting many key nutrients. Protein helps bodies feel full for longer, and other ingredients like seeds and nuts can provide the healthy fats and oils your body needs to keep going. On top of the health benefits, homemade protein bars or balls are yummy and can taste just like a dessert.

Dark chocolate

Speaking of desserts, dark chocolate has many more health benefits than its cousin, milk chocolate. Keeping dark chocolate around the office gives your teammates a little something sweet to give them a zing of energy, all while avoiding the sugar rush from other chocolates and candies.

Chai tea (or hot chocolate)

The last healthy office snack is a beverage, and it’s not coffee or regular tea. Chai tea is a good way to slow down and savor some flavor, and it can feel like a treat for a mid-morning or early afternoon. Hot chocolate is another beverage that can be a fun office snack, and can be healthier when made with soy or almond milk.

Office snacking doesn’t necessarily have to be unhealthy, all while still feeling indulgent. Bringing in any of these snacks is a great way to get people in the kitchen for a quick break and small chat, while also making sure they’re eating healthy foods that will give them the energy to keep going with their days.