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The CaterCow team experiences Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Written by Chris Collins • December 16, 2016

The CaterCow team experiences Blue Hill at Stone Barns

It's no surprise that everyone who works at CaterCow has an obsession with food. So when we were thinking of ways to celebrate the holidays together we decided we wanted more than just a nice meal at a restaurant, we wanted an experience. Therefore, we opted to treat ourselves to an evening at the recently named "Best restaurant in America" by Eater.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a Dan Barber restaurant located on the actual farm they grow much of the produce you consume at dinner. The fresh air and starry night are reasons alone Manhattanites flock to this countryside oasis.

No two tables have the same meal. The number of courses and the contents of each course are dependent on seasonal availability and the mood of your table. Our table was lucky enough to try 23 small courses during our 5 hour meal.

Follow along, from limo ride to final dessert, as the CaterCow indulges in experimental fine dining.

Everyone piles into the limo to pop bubbly for the 2 hour ride through Manhattan rush hour traffic.

Once we arrive, we are ushered through a Hogwarts-style courtyard and into the cocktail lounge, complete with roaring fire.

In the main dining hall we are seated at a round table surrounded by hanging flowers and vegetables used as decoration. The dining room is quiet enough to hear everyone but lively enough to maintain everyone's excitement.

After ordering wine with our incredibly personable sommelier, we begin receiving our initial vegetable-heavy courses. Including tempura fried winter squash rings, beet pizza, and mini mushroom "burgers."

Next, our waitress asked if we'd like to go an "adventure" somewhere. We enthusiastically agreed and ended up in the bread room where we sampled an array of fresh breads.

To transition us back to the table we were welcomed with a flavorful turmeric tea, a fried oyster, and honey-nut squash in the half shell (a miniature squash created by the folks at Stone Barns).

As the heavier course like chocolate covered foie gras and whipped lardo arrived we were most enchanted by the duck tacos. There was duck pâté, skewered duck hearts, and duck blood tortillas conveniently sprawled on a lazy susan.

The final course was, of course, dessert. We received a trio of ice creams and toppings to sprinkle them with including a crunchy honeycomb. Next to our ice cream toppings was a fruit cake and mini tree with homemade beet marshmallows and chocolate truffles.