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From High-End Fashion to Food: How Popbar Made Gelato on a Stick a Thing


Written by Nate Mortensen • March 29, 2018

From High-End Fashion to Food: How Popbar Made Gelato on a Stick a Thing

Walking into Popbar's West Village storefront feels like taking a step back in time to childhood. With a rainbow of popsicles laid out before me, I was transported back to summer nights when my parents would treat me and my siblings to Crescent Ridge, our favorite ice cream shop after dinner. While I grew up eating American classics like Rocky Road and Mint Chip, Reuben Ben Jehuda, Popbar's founder, was raised on gelato back in Italy.

Before launching Popbar in 2009, Reuben was working in fashion; the food industry was far from his radar. Importing high-quality fabrics from Italy for American designers, he switched gears and re-imagined his childhood favorite, serving gelato on a stick.

Popbar's fans can customize their frozen treats with "poppings" like crushed waffle cone or pistachios and a can choose from milk, white or dark chocolate dippings. While popGelato bars are reminiscent of traditional ice cream, popSorbetto bars offer a dairy-free option, similar to an icy pop.

Popbar has seen incredible success in its eight year history, with 15%2B U.S. franchises and stores in Canada, Panama, Russia, and Singapore. From enjoying gelato as a child to creating a frozen treat empire, Reuben Ben Jehuda has grown leaps and bounds as a food entrepreneur. His favorite creation? Gianduia popGelato dipped in dark chocolate with crushed hazelnut topping. He says, "Gianduia is a chocolate-hazelnut blend and it's oh so yummy. Customizing the classic Italian flavor with more chocolate and actual hazelnuts makes it the perfect Popbar for me!"

Dreaming of gelato? Get Popbar delivered to your office for a refreshing treat!