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Industry-Specific Job Boards to Enhance Your Job Search


Written by CaterCow Staff • November 9, 2023

Industry-Specific Job Boards to Enhance Your Job Search

What do you do when you feel like your Google search for available jobs in your industry isn’t getting you anywhere? There are so many job boards now across the internet, with major players like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Google Jobs posting hundreds of jobs a day. If you feel like scrolling through these job boards isn’t getting you any closer to your dream job, then you might consider using a niche job board to find industry-specific jobs.

We’ve found unique job boards for five categories of jobs: tech, remote work, entertainment, social services, and freelance work. Based on our research, we’ve found that these job boards shouldn’t be overlooked, as they offer job-seekers many great opportunities to land their next role.

Looking for tech jobs

Tech companies, as is inherent in their position in our larger economy and in their general branding, like to break the rules when it comes to “regular business,” including when it comes to recruitment practices. That means that finding a job in tech doesn’t need to be limited to using those big job boards — there are job boards specifically for tech jobs, with features that make it easier for those who work in tech to find well-fitting roles. is a tech industry-specific job board with thousands of job listings added each day. All of these listings are filterable by location, company, type of employment, and more. You can also filter by remote work, as many tech companies offer the opportunity to WFH as one of their benefits.

If you create an account on Dice, recruiters can reach out directly to you based on your uploaded profile and resume. There are nearly six million people in the United States who have made accounts on this platform, many of them finding that it helps connect them with employers looking for their specific skill set. They also have resources like career development articles to help you put together a top-notch resume based on what you’re looking for in your next role.

Looking for remote work

After the WFH blitz of the pandemic, many people now prefer to do their work remotely, which takes away the need to commute or work from an office environment. While many of the major job boards provide a way to filter job listings for remote work, having a platform solely dedicated to remote work is a more efficient way of searching for your next role. is a great job board for those looking for remote work. This platform was created for those not only looking for ways to WFH but also those who would like to take their work on the road with them as they travel. They emphasize the benefits of online work, and their platform offers regular email notifications for new listings posted each day.

Working Nomads has over 400,000 visitors per month, so it’s an ideal platform to reach a wide audience for companies looking for remote workers. This makes it an attractive job board for many of the major employers, encouraging them to regularly leverage its wide audience by adding more and more job listings.

Looking for entertainment jobs

Many of those working in the entertainment world are waiting for their big break — and that’s not just actors but also make-up artists, directors, boom operators, and more. Regular job boards tend not to post these types of jobs, which means that these workers must find a more industry-specific place to look for an opportunity for that big break. is a job board for those working in the entertainment sector. It’s been up-and-running for 20 years now, and it boasts that they’ve helped many people get hired into media production roles. They focus on placing freelancers with jobs, offering them support and industry insights so they can be successful in their search.

They have over 300,000 media production companies utilizing Staff Me Up’s large network to find crew members to work in the office, in the studio, and more. One thing that makes Staff Me Up unique when it comes to entertainment-specific job boards is their focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. They’ve grown strong relationships with organizations and companies across the country with the goal of helping people with diverse backgrounds get into the entertainment field, which is an amazing goal for the betterment of diversity in the industry.

Looking for social services jobs

When looking for social service jobs — social work, counseling, psychology, and more — it can be very helpful to look through your professional organization rather than using a broad job board that doesn’t break down roles in a way that’s most helpful for these types of roles.

The National Association of Social Workers offers its members a job board where they can look for social work jobs across the country. Many major employers like hospitals, healthcare systems, and therapy or counseling organizations post jobs on this platform, making it a useful way to find clinical or community roles.

For psychologists, is a similar niche job board, with thousands of job listings for psychologists of all specialities across the country. They even have specific filters for online or remote work for those who would prefer to hold sessions through teletherapy.

Counselors can look at for clinical roles, which are often difficult to find on the larger job boards. Having a platform that offers options specific to the helping profession means less scrolling through jobs that aren’t relevant to what you’re looking for.

Looking for freelance work

Lastly, Behance is an excellent job board for those looking for freelance work. Freelance work is diverse, with professions like graphic designers, writers, illustrators, accountants, mobile app developers, and more making up this unique type of work. Behance is for freelancers in creative fields, so their platform is designed for helping freelancers connect with the people who need their services for their projects.

When you create a Behance profile, you’ll add in project samples as a bit of a portfolio. People who have similar creative tastes can then find you more easily so you can snag a project that’s exciting for you. They vet all job listings before they’re published so you’ll find only high-quality projects available for you to look through.

Using a niche job board can take your job search to the next level. By looking at job boards that are only for your industry, you’ll filter out all of the irrelevant jobs and be able to focus on those that are applicable to what you’re looking for — saving you time and energy.