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CaterCow Hits the Road

Written by Erica Pais • January 19, 2018

CaterCow Hits the Road

With the excitement of the holiday season past us, the CaterCow team is looking forward to working remotely for six weeks! We have been planning our adventures for the past few months and everyone is hitting the road to visit friends and family, explore and eat some yummy food in far away places. Check out where some of us are off to:

Chris: hitting the slopes in Vancouver & Japan

"I'm looking forward to skiing, hanging out with old friends I don’t get to see very often and eating ramen in the middle of the mountain in Japan (which you order from a vending machine)!"

Carly: taking in the sights (and wine) in Buenos Aires

"I'm mainly looking forward to warm nights and drinking Malbec outside at little cafes. I plan to check out at least one Puerto Cerrado (Closed Door) Restaurant. BA is famous for their underground dining scene and I can't wait to finally check it out!"

James: successfully (or not) cross country skiing in Vermont

"I had the chance to do some cross country and downhill skiing in Vermont! In the next month I'm going Paleo so not much on the bucket list in the future, lots of home cooking to be done!"

Bethany: exploring San Francisco, Tahoe & Portland

"I'm looking forward to skiing for the first time (in Tahoe) and eating at amazing food trucks in Portland. I can't wait to try Tartine in SF, BBQ eel sandwich in Chinatown in SF and Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland!"

Sean: hanging with family and friends in China & Japan

"I had an amazing time skiing in Hokkaido for the first time. I don't ski too much, so spending 5 days there was pretty intense. And the Japanese food was incredible!"

Erica: eating all the desserts in San Francisco & Florida

"Somehow my trip to San Francisco turned into a bakery tour, and I wasn't upset about it. I drank lots of delicious coffee and tasted a ton of amazing ice cream and baked goods!"

Dina: visiting Argentina for the first time

"I’m most excited to EAT (not a huge surprise there). I can't wait to check out Asado- aka Argentina BBQ. Besides that - since I’ve never been to South America. I’m mostly just excited to experience the Argentinian culture and hopefully pick up some Spanish along the way."

Tim: hopping from New York, to Vermont, to Florida

"I’m going up next week to Vermont to ski in Killington with a bunch of friends and then I’m heading down to the keys to visit my parents in Cudjoe key. I’m going to see if I can find a real key lime pie while i’m in the keys."

Rachel: heading home to California and then off to Argentina

"I'm looking forward to California! Home to the most important things in my life: my family (hi mom and dad, thanks for reading!), incomparable Mexican food, and beach days in January! And meeting up and exploring new places with my coworkers in not-NY!"