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Hold the Fish: Beyond Sushi Puts a Spin on a Classic


Written by James Berenback • April 3, 2018

Hold the Fish: Beyond Sushi Puts a Spin on a Classic

In an ever evolving New York City restaurant scene, Beyond Sushi is a colorful, tasty and innovative standout. While butternut squash, black beans, and asparagus are not typically found in sushi, chef and owner Guy Vankin features these unique ingredients on his menu. What started as a NYC Vegan Food Festival appearance has expanded to a full scale operation, with five brick and mortar locations across the city.

Plant-based diets are on the rise and Beyond Sushi has found a loyal following with vegans and non-vegans alike. Their sushi rolls and rice paper wraps each highlight fresh, vibrant fruits and vegetables. Visiting their Herald Square store, we tasted the Pickle Me (pictured above), which is made with four-grain rice, pickled burdock root, carrots, pickled daikon, avocado, and is topped with a carrot ginger sauce.

Beyond Sushi's Catering Coordinator, Catherine Aust, explained to us that catering is a "no-brainer" for their team. She said, "catering is all about building relationships with clients and delivering reliable service – we work hard to give our customers a great experience that will keep them coming back."

As the New York weather changes, Beyond Sushi stays up to date, rotating specials four times a year. Farmers market favorites like kabocha squash in the fall and beets in the winter regularly appear on their seasonal menu.

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