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Antico Noè: A Florence Staple Journeys to the Big Apple


Written by Sean Li • March 30, 2018

Antico Noè: A Florence Staple Journeys to the Big Apple

On a typical afternoon, Midtown Manhattan is alive with tourists and New Yorkers alike, shuffling from one destination to the next. Antico Noè, nestled among the commotion, is an oasis from the busy streets. The smells of fresh basil and melted mozzarella waft through the air, enveloping hungry passersby. Across the Atlantic Ocean, a similar scene unfolds at Antico Noè's sister restaurant in Florence.

Michael Grant, President of Antico Noè NYC, frequented the original location (called L'Antico Noè) while studying abroad in college. L'Antico Noè, a true gem in Florence's food scene, was always packed with loyal followers. Dreaming about the delicious panini long after his return home, Michael decided to bring the magic to New York City.

While New Yorkers are accustomed to on-demand lunch service during the hectic work week, Italian culture emphasizes a leisurely pace for folks to sit back and relax while dining. Michael and Vinny, his business partner/head panino chef, have melded the two styles. In contrast to the original L'Antico Noè, which makes sandwiches to order (resulting in a 20 minute wait time), New York's Antico Noè pre-makes their sandwiches. Customers choose a sandwich and after a 2-3 minute panini press, they are free to devour their meal.

The house specialty (and Michael's favorite) is #23, made with spicy salami, marinated sun-dried tomatoes, brie & Antico Noè’s famous pesto sauce. Fans of the Florence shop will note that New York's menu includes just the top ten sandwiches from the original location. But fans need not worry, since they feature other Florence favorites as rotating specials. With plans to expand on the horizon, Antico Noè is excited to share their mouthwatering panini with the entire city.

You can enjoy Antico Noè at your office for lunch and even for breakfast!