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Pinks Cantina

By Pinks Cantina

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  • 203 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002
Have your team make some delicious chili bowls with a variety of toppings and scrumptious and decadent cornbread. We have all sorts of chilis from vegan chili to beef, pork, and chicken chilis. You get them all!

Menu: $12.00

Staff Pick

Choice of Chili

Extra chili available for $5.00 per portion

  • Ground Beef Chili GF
  • Smoked Chicken Chili GF
  • Pork Chili GF
  • Vegan Chili VG GF


  • Cornbread V
  • Rice VG GF
  • Chopped Salad VG GF


  • Green Onions VG GF
  • Cheddar Cheese V GF
  • Jalapeños VG GF
  • Sour Cream V GF
  • Vinaigrette VG GF

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