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A delicious feast of savory treats fit for a Halloween bash! Add on themed desserts or keep it simple!

Menu: $12.75

Staff Pick

Choice of Savory Bites

Portioning will depend on the item (some will be 1 piece per person, some will be 2 pieces per person)

Up to 4

  • Cocktail Dawgs

    Bbw beef smokies

  • Bag of Bones

    Jalapeno poppers

  • Devils on Horseback

    Bacon wrapped dates

  • Mini Mummies

    Mini beef sausage wrapped in pastry

  • Munchy Mummy Zucchini Sticks

    With ranch sauce

  • Stake Through the Heart Caprese Skewers
  • Pumpkin Hummus Lobotomy

    Served with pita chips

  • Spider Web Brie

    Baked brie stuffed with dried fruit, served with crackers & crostini

  • Bubbling Spinach Artichoke Dip

    With pita chips

  • Swampy Shrimp With Lemon Basil Aioli
  • Bloody Witch Fingers

    Mozzarella sticks with spicy marinara

  • Zombie Beef Sliders

    Mini brioche angus cheeseburgers

  • Baby Portobello Zombie Sliders
  • Dead Man's Toe

    Potato wedges with remoulade sauce

  • Chicken Screaming Good Quesadilla

    Served with salsa & crema

  • Steak Screaming Good Quesadilla

    Served with salsa & crema

  • Veggie Screaming Good Quesadilla

    Served with salsa & crema

  • Black Bat Wings

    Sweet & spicy chicken wings w/ black sesame

  • Box of "Worms"

    Tangy noodles in mini chinese takeout boxes

  • Swampy Eyeballs

    Basil pesto meatballs

  • Red Eyeballs

    Vegan marinara meatballs

  • Sinister Spread

    Crudite, green goddess dip

  • Slimy Green Fingers

    Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto

  • Brains & Scalps

    Vegan sausage stuffed mushrooms

  • Mini Coffin Beef Empanadas
  • Carved Pumpkin With Guacamole Display


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