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  • 1450 Broadway, New York, NY 10018
Delicious, hearty Cuban fare!

Menu: $15.00

Staff Pick

Menu checked for nuts.

Unless an item is explicitly tagged with (N), everything else on this menu is nut free.

Disclaimer: restaurant carries nuts, so there is risk of cross contamination.

Choice of Proteins

Extra proteins available for $6.50 per portion

4oz per portion

Up to 2*
+1 Additional Veg

  • Spiced Baked Chicken

    Marinated and baked in herbs and citrus. Try this colorful and super tasty quarter leg of chicken

  • Garlic Lime Roast Pork
  • Ropa Vieja +$1.50

    Packed with flavor, steak shredded and braised with vegetables and herbs. A stand-out cuban dish

  • Beyond Meat

    Experience our bold flavored beyond meat - plant based and 100% vegan

  • Chicken Diablo

    Charbroiled chicken in a savory and spicy sauce

  • Red Chile Mushroom

    Earthy and robust mushrooms with some heat and lots of fresh herbs. Meat-free and flavor-full

Included Items

  • Cuban Rice

    Classic cuban style rice with corn

  • Chipotle Black Beans

    Herbaceous and smoked, these black beans shine on their own and go with everything on the menu

  • Maduros

    Sweet plantains

  • Grilled Onions
  • Salsa Verde Picante

    Fresh tomatillo sauce - a bit spicy


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