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Choose from all of your favorite Chinese dishes in this classic take-out style package!
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Menu: $9.75

Staff Pick

Choice of Entrees

Extra entree available for $5.00 per portion

1 Half Tray serves 10 people

Up to 4

  • General Tso's Chicken

    Deep-fried chicken stir-fried with ginger, garlic, sesame oil, scallions, and chili peppers

  • Chicken With Vegetables

    In a light brown sauce

  • Beef With Broccoli

    In a dark brown sauce

  • Orange Chicken

    Deep-fried chicken in an orange-chili sauce

  • Sesame Chicken

    Deep-fried chicken in a mild, sweet sauce

  • Kung Pao Chicken

    Deep-fried chicken stir-fried with chilies, orange, vegetables, garlic, ginger, and peanuts

  • Sweet & Sour Chicken

    Deep-fried chicken with sweet & sour sauce. Does not include rice. Consider adding drinks & dessert

  • Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings
  • Chicken With String Beans

    In a light brown sauce

  • Mongolian Beef

    Beef stir-fried with scallions, garlic, yellow onions, and chilies in a savory brown sauce

  • Beef With Garlic Sauce

    Beef stir-fried with garlic, ginger, chilies, broccoli, celery, mushrooms, and carrots in a spicy garlic sauce

  • Beef With Bean Curd

    In a light brown sauce

  • Vegetable Deluxe

    Mixed Veggies

  • Pan-Fried String Beans

    In a spicy chili sauce

  • House Tofu

    In a brown sauce

  • Eggplant With Spicy Garlic Sauce
  • Vegetable Deluxe With Bean Curd
  • Broccoli With Spicy Garlic Sauce
  • Salt & Pepper Bean Curd

    Deep-fried bean curd in a spicy sauce

Choice of Rice

Extra rice available for $1.75 per portion

1 Half Tray serves 10 people

  • White Rice
  • Brown Rice +$0.50

Choice of Appetizers

Extra appetizer available for $3.00 per portion

2 Per Person

  • Vegetable Spring Roll (Min qty 10)
  • Chicken Pot Sticker (Min qty 10)
  • Vegetable Pot Sticker (Min qty 10)
  • Green Onion Pancake (Min qty 10)
  • Crab & Cheese Puff (Min qty 10)
  • Pork Spring Roll (Min qty 10)
  • Pork Pot Sticker (Min qty 10)
  • Shrimp Dumpling (Min qty 10)
  • Chicken Wing (Min qty 10)

Add Ons


  • Assorted Sodas


  • Assorted Vitamin Waters


  • Assorted Snapples


  • Sparkling Water



  • Red Bean Cake


  • Cheesecake


  • Tiramisu



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