Re-open safely with individually wrapped meals during COVID-19.

Office and Corporate Catering from Vetted Restaurants

Although ordering food for the office sounds fun and easy, it's tough to consistently find new delicious options from restaurants who deliver punctually. The office is extremely opinionated so waiting for that 11:45am lunch delivery is always stressful. At CaterCow, our job is to make your job easier while making sure you look good!
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Whether it's employees complaining about the food quality, your team asking for special dietary needs, or waiting for a late delivery caught in the freight entrance, ordering food for the office is no joke. At CaterCow, instead of working with every bodega that opens up, we curate restaurants based on their service, on-time deliveries, and the food quality. In our vetting process, we also take photos of the delivery - not photoshopped plates - but the individual meals in their takeout containers or the buffet setup in their aluminum trays. We even have a probation system to kick off restaurants who don't uphold standards. When mistakes inevitably arise, trust us that we'll always do our best to make it up to you to try to win back your trust. Office managers and executive assistants can order directly from the CaterCow website, or they can work with an account manager when there are a lot of daily meals to plan. Let us be helpful!

Features Office Managers and Executive Assistants Love

Punctual Deliveries from Vetted Restaurants

We vet our restaurants strenuously and only work with the ones with professional service and punctual deliveries. We know you have a strict schedule to keep, and we will make sure your team is well fed and happy to continue their jobs.

Last Minute Options and Flexible Changes

Many of our options are available for you to order the day before, and some are even available day-of. On top of that, our customer service team (or your account manager) is ready to assist you with any last minute changes in timing, location, and headcount.

Individual Ordering

No hassle for the office manager with everyone's individual dietary needs! If your staff wants to individually select meals, you can start a group order where meals will come delivered with each person's name written on it.

Optional Account Manager

If you have many meals to plan, we’d be happy to provide an account manager. We can take care of the hassle of menu selection and ordering for a variety of dietary needs.

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Your office is more productive with delicious food

We are great for:

  • Company-wide meals
  • Happy hours and birthday celebrations
  • Training sessions and team meetings
  • Client luncheons

CaterCow feeds a lot of offices. Hopefully work-from-home is not permanent 🤣

About CaterCow

We thoughtfully curate every option you see. We believe that food can inspire, spark conversation and bring people together. Our goal is to offer the best food for your group in a convenient-to-use, easy-to-order format.


Mediterranean Combo Plates
Mediterranean Combo Plates
Salad & Grain Bowls
Salad & Grain Bowls
Healthy Asian Meals
Healthy Asian Meals
Modern American Cuisine
Modern American Cuisine
Budget-Friendly Indian Meal Boxes
Budget-Friendly Indian Meal Boxes


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