Re-open safely with individually wrapped meals during COVID-19.

Manufacturing and On-Site Facilities Catering

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, essential workers and on-premise employees have had to continue their work at the office. Finding great catering options to feed your hardworking team can be an arduous process especially if you're looking for daily or weekly food variety. We're here to make your job easier!
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While the majority of office workers are staying at home, companies with on-site facilities and manufacturing sites are rewarding those who make the trek with delicious and hearty meals. Whether you're managing a chocolate production line, pharmaceutical plant, a hardware server and storage facility, or a car parts manufacturing lab, CaterCow offers a convenient and affordable way to order food for your group from a variety of vetted restaurants that adhere to strict health and safety procedures. Your team can either participate in a group order where each individual chooses from a select menu, or the office manager can order on behalf of everyone.

Features On-Site Facilities and Manufacturers Love

Punctual Deliveries from Vetted Restaurants

We vet our restaurants strenuously and only work with the ones with professional service and punctual deliveries. We know you have a strict schedule to keep, and we will make sure your team is well fed and happy to continue their jobs.

Individual Ordering

No hassle for the office manager with everyone's individual dietary needs! If your staff wants to individually select meals, you can start a group order where meals will come delivered with each person's name written on it.

Strict Safety Protocols

When it comes to food safety, we don’t joke around. We vet all of our restaurants that we work with and make sure that they have passed rigorous health inspections so that you can focus on work instead of worrying about the cleanliness of your food.

Optional Account Manager

If you're ordering daily or weekly, we know how much work it is to plan out meals. If you would like an account manager, we’d be happy to provide one to take care of menu selection and ordering for a variety of dietary needs.

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Keep your essential employees happy with delicious food

We are great for:

  • Daily breakfast and lunches
  • Team appreciation events
  • Internal meetings and company townhalls
  • Sales luncheons for your clients

We feed on-premise essential workers across different industries

About CaterCow

We thoughtfully curate every option you see. We believe that food can inspire, spark conversation and bring people together. Our goal is to offer the best food for your group in a convenient-to-use, easy-to-order format.


Mediterranean Combo Plates
Mediterranean Combo Plates
Salad & Grain Bowls
Salad & Grain Bowls
Healthy Asian Meals
Healthy Asian Meals
Modern American Cuisine
Modern American Cuisine
Budget-Friendly Indian Meal Boxes
Budget-Friendly Indian Meal Boxes


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