Re-open safely with individually wrapped meals during COVID-19.

Hospital & Clinics Catering

Feeding busy frontline healthcare workers at hospitals and clinics requires an extra layer of diligence. You need to find delicious catering options that meet the budget, deliver punctually as there is a narrow window of time when doctors and nurses can eat, and you also have to screen for restaurants that follow strict COVID procedures since they're entering healthcare facilities. Whether you're a hospital administrator ordering for your residents, or a pharma representative planning a lunch meeting, we're here to make food ordering easier!
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The pandemic has highlighted the hard work of our frontline heroes. It is now more important than ever to keep the body and spirit of our doctors and nurses nourished with high-quality meals. Especially if you're working at a large institution or university affiliated hospital system, adherence to a bureaucratic finance system that implements strict budgets, requires billing, and needs tax-exempt ordering means that you get very little food variety. On top of delicious food with punctual deliveries, we'll take care of all of those logistical headaches while providing you plenty of cuisine options.

Features Administrators of Hospitals and Clinics Love

Strict Safety Protocols

When it comes to food safety, we don’t joke around. We vet all of our restaurants that we work with and make sure that they have passed rigorous health inspections so that you can focus on work instead of worrying about the cleanliness of your food.

Flexible Payment Options

At CaterCow, we’ll make billing simple. We'll send you our W-9, and you can pay by check or ACH if you don't have a credit card. We can bill you at the net-30 terms your finance team requires.

Sales Tax Exemption

If you’re tax exempt, we’ll ask for your ST-119 (or a comparable) form to keep on file and provide you the tax-exempt discounts for all subsequent orders.

Optional Account Manager

If you order frequently or are too busy to coordinate meals, we know how much work it is to plan menus. If you would like an account manager, we’d be happy to provide one to take care of menu selection and ordering for a variety of dietary needs.

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Keep your busy doctors and nurses nourished

We are great for:

  • Doctors, nurses, residents, and staff meals
  • Nurses Appreciation Week and other celebrations
  • Internal staff meetings
  • Sales luncheons and breakfasts sponsored by pharma & medical devices reps

We feed hospitals across the nation

About CaterCow

We thoughtfully curate every option you see. We believe that food can inspire, spark conversation and bring people together. Our goal is to offer the best food for your group in a convenient-to-use, easy-to-order format.


Mediterranean Combo Plates
Mediterranean Combo Plates
Salad & Grain Bowls
Salad & Grain Bowls
Healthy Asian Meals
Healthy Asian Meals
Modern American Cuisine
Modern American Cuisine
Budget-Friendly Indian Meal Boxes
Budget-Friendly Indian Meal Boxes


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