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Catered Meal Corporate Donations

If your company is looking to donate meals to those in need, whether it's a non-profit or those on the hospital frontline, we're here to make food ordering easy! Any recipient would be thrilled with your generous gift, but you still want to make sure the food is delicious and the delivery is punctual. We'll make sure that's the case!
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If you have a corporate sponsorship budget to donate food, while it sounds fun at first, we know coordinating catering deliveries between the restaurant and the recipient is tough! You'll need to find high-quality restaurants that deliver, you'll need to find non-profits who are able to accept your generous gift, and you'll need to figure out their headcount, dietary preferences, and availability. Order effortlessly from CaterCow and choose from hundreds of menus, or let us handle all of the coordination directly with the non-profit of your choice. We'll even ask the recipient to take a photo with all the food and a Thank You sign so that you can share it with your PR team!

Features Corporate Sponsors Love

Coordination with Non-Profit and Restaurants

We can work directly with your non-profit of choice to coordinate your generous food delivery donation. Let us do the stressful legwork of managing meals from restaurants so neither you nor your non-profit has to!

Pool of Recipient Organizations to Choose From (If Needed)

If you don't have a recipient in mind, we work with a long list of local organizations who would be grateful for your corporate donation. You can see our track record of select organizations we've worked with at

Credit for Your Generosity

Whatever your team needs, let us know! We can work with the non-profit to take photos that say Thank You for your PR team!

Optional Account Manager

If you would like an account manager, we’d be happy to provide one so that we can take care of menu selection and ordering for a variety of dietary needs.

Browse Catering Menus

Corporate sponsors trust us with coordinating their food donations

We are great for:

  • Sending food to homeless shelters and soup kitchens
  • Gifting food to the hospital frontline
  • Choosing a non-profit in need if you don't have a recipient organization in mind already
  • One-time delivery or multiple recurring donations

We work with many generous corporate sponsors who donate food to those in need

About CaterCow

We thoughtfully curate every option you see. We believe that food can inspire, spark conversation and bring people together. Our goal is to offer the best food for your group in a convenient-to-use, easy-to-order format.


Mediterranean Combo Plates
Mediterranean Combo Plates
Salad & Grain Bowls
Salad & Grain Bowls
Healthy Asian Meals
Healthy Asian Meals
Modern American Cuisine
Modern American Cuisine
Budget-Friendly Indian Meal Boxes
Budget-Friendly Indian Meal Boxes


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