CaterCow vs.
Thriver (Platterz)

Are you looking for more high quality menu options 🥗? Do you want an attentive and detailed account manager instead of a service that stresses its AI-based recommendations 🤖? Do you want to support a US-based business instead of a Canadian one 😁? If you're reconsidering Thriver (Platterz), we'd be flattered if you gave us a trial here at CaterCow!
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Chances are you've probably heard all about the large catering providers such as Thriver (Platterz), ZeroCater, etc. While all of them are great businesses, we believe that their scale, their claimed AI-powered tech, and their large account manager teams means that they'll have less personal attention just for you. We'd love to help! We're a boutique service — our founder is an account manager, and we'll be bending our backs for you 24/7 to make sure you're happy. On top of service, instead of a monthly rotation of meals, your team can look forward to a once a quarter (or longer) rotation of high-quality, curated menus! Trial us out for 1 to 2 weeks, and we're positive you'll see a difference!

Why use CaterCow instead of Thriver (Platterz)?

Focus on Food

Food delivery and catering is all we concentrate on. That means we laser focus all of our resources on curating and vetting the best restaurants, putting together the highest quality menus, and making sure we provide you with the best service when it comes to food.

Get distracted by yoga classes, magic shows, and other virtual team activities.

Level of Service

Work with an account manager who is ready to go above and beyond for you 24/7. Our founder is an account manager, so if you're not obsessed with customer-centric service, responsiveness, and attention to detail, you're probably not going to last very long at CaterCow. You don't get to be an account manager unless you've been at CaterCow for at least 6 months. Account managers also work intensively on the restaurant side, so you have someone who has an intricate knowledge of everything we can offer.

You are at the mercy of an account manager who is part of a large account management team. Good luck getting one of the better ones!

More Options

Our menu rotations go on for multiple months even if you're ordering daily. Instead of just 1 go-to Korean option, why not rotate through 4 Korean options? We'll make sure each of them are high quality through our strict vetting and curation process.

Repeat options once or twice a month.

Transparency of Menus

Check out all of our menu options with photos of how the food comes here: — if there's anything that strikes your fancy, let your account manager know!

Your account manager has primary control over your menus.

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