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Do your teammates crave higher quality food? Do you need more flexibility when it comes to delivery times? Trial us out here at CaterCow, and you'll see the difference! Many of our customers have made the switch from EAT Club, and today they enjoy higher quality meals without sacrificing any ease of use for the admin and your teammates.
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Not going to lie, EAT Club has their operations down pat, and we really respect the team for their innovation of individually-selected meals without admin oversight! With that said, we think this Yelp review summarizes it pretty well: "Eat Club, we love you, you have the best system, always on time, but your food is not good. Partner up with better restaurant or have better cooks. You are the love hate relationship of food." While we admit we won't have 50 menu items for an individual to choose from everyday, we believe that by focusing on curated and vetted restaurants who provide amazing food, you won't miss the laundry list of options — quality over quantity! Give us a 1 to 2 week trial, and we promise your team will appreciate a refreshing change!

Why use CaterCow instead of EAT Club?

Fresher, Higher-Quality Food

Food is freshly cooked at the restaurant, made custom just for your group. As soon as it's cooked, it's packed up and delivered to you.

Your food is either mass produced in a warehouse, or it's made at a restaurant and delivered to the distribution warehouse before it's re-packed and delivered to you.

Curated Menus from Vetted Restaurants

Restaurants are vetted for their food quality and ability to keep delivered meals fresh and hot. Deliciousness is prioritized, bleh menus gets removed from our website, food items that don't travel well are removed, and bleh restaurant partners are removed.

Meal options are prioritized by mass-production efficiency. At the distribution warehouse, chefs cook up a wide array of menu items they don't necessarily have expertise in.


No onions in your salad? Want extra spice in your Drunken Noodles? Let us know, and as long as it's reasonable we'll make it happen :)

No way to customize your meals because food is mass-produced.

Deliveries Based on Your Schedule

Need to feed a group of early eaters? Have a company all-hands meeting that will run until the early afternoon? Choose meal times that are good for you!

The only time windows for the food to arrive are 11 - 11:30, 11:30 - 12, or 12:00 - 12:30. That's because the food needs to be delivered to the distribution warehouse first before it can be re-packed to come to you.

Take Care of All Your Food Needs

Breakfasts, desserts, happy hours, dinners, and food at all random times of the day? We got you!

Primarily lunch and not much else.

Level of Service

Work with an account manager who is ready to bend their back for you 24/7. Our founder is an account manager, so if you're not obsessed with customer-centric service, responsiveness, and attention to detail, you're probably not going to last very long at CaterCow. You don't get to be an account manager unless you've been at CaterCow for at least 6 months. Account managers also work intensively on the restaurant side, so you have someone who has an intricate knowledge of everything we can offer.

Work with an account manager who is part of a large account management team. Good luck getting one of the better ones!

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Customers switch over to CaterCow from EAT Club

We started to use CaterCow as a test platform during the pandemic as an alternative primarily to EAT Club, as well as DoorDash,, and Grubhub. In a short two months we switched my team’s daily lunch orders to CaterCow. They took our business seriously, and continue providing outstanding customer service today. Why I LOVE CaterCow? 1. OUTSTANDING customer service at all hours of the day. 2. Their diverse food options and varieties satisfy my team’s dietary needs and because of that, they send kudos and praises for the quality of food on a regular basis. 3. Delivery is ALWAYS in the window specified. 4. Prices are within my budget allowance, so I am getting the best of two worlds — quality food for the prices we can afford. CaterCow’s platform allows for the individual members to select their own meal for the entire week in advance, or just a day before. By listening to our needs they saved me at least 3 hours each week and made my days pleasant when I think of food orders. I highly recommend this platform to anyone who is looking for better delivery services, great food options, and a reliable team to work with.

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at medical robotics company

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