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Tired of inconsistent deliveries for your team despite paying a fortune? At CaterCow, we believe that you should be able to order from curated and vetted menus without sacrificing punctuality and breaking the bank!
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Although Caviar is great when you're chilling at home, we believe ordering for the entire team requires a different level of service. If you like Caviar because of their options, you'll appreciate our level of curation when it comes to partnering with only the best restaurants with affordable yet high-quality food. Menus are also vetted specifically for group orders. We only work with restaurants who can handle the volume and have the ability to punctually deliver for your office. In our vetting process, we make sure they have the proper packaging whether you need individual lunch boxes or buffet style aluminum trays, and we make sure they have the operational capacity in terms of professional delivery drivers and heat bags to keep your food warm. Instead of being kept in the dark whether your delivery will show up at 12pm or 2pm everyday, we'll make sure it comes in a consistent window so that your team can reliably plan for lunch the entire week.

Why use CaterCow instead of Caviar?

Curated Options

The best restaurants that are vetted, make delicious food, and have the infrastructure to deliver for larger groups.

Vetted restaurants based on the Yelp rating of individuals.

Consistent and Punctual Deliveries

Food delivery arrives punctually at the time you want it to show up.

Lunch delivered sometime between 12 to 2pm.

Reliable Service

Restaurants are given heads up about your order so they plan ahead for your delivery.

Got a big order? If the restaurant is too busy since they're popular, it may get cancelled and you'll have to re-do your group order.

Organized & Labeled Meals

Meals are labeled with each person’s name so people get what they ordered.

Sort through the food to separate who got what.

Good for Your Budget

Reasonably priced high-quality meals. If you have a specific budget, we’ll make it work!

Since when was Caviar known for being affordable? 🤣

Plan Ahead

Plan and order delicious meals ahead of time for the entire week.

Make a last-minute decision on what to eat.

Simple Tax-Exemption Setup

If you’re tax exempt, we’ll ask for your ST-119 (or a comparable) form to keep on file and provide you the tax-exempt discounts for all subsequent orders. Email us at

Wait a week before someone gets back to you on this.

Simple Billing / Invoicing Setup

We’ll make billing simple. We'll send you our W-9, and you can pay by check or ACH if you don't have a credit card. We can bill you at the net-30 terms your finance team requires. Email us at

Wait a week before someone gets back to you on this.

Optional Account Manager

If you order frequently, we know how much work it is to plan out meals. If you would like an account manager, we’d be happy to provide one to take care of menu selection and ordering for a variety of dietary needs.

Wait a week before someone gets back to you on this.

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Customers switch over to CaterCow from Caviar

We used Caviar for a long time before discovering CaterCow. Prices were steep with all the fees, but people were happy with the food which is why we were resistant to change at first. We tried CaterCow for a trial because of budget changes. Their food is just as good if not sometimes better...on Caviar you get the popular restaurants who are well known on social media, but that doesn't always translate to good delivery food. Also restaurants deliver on CaterCow, so the drivers care more and work better with the kitchen. We highly recommend CaterCow.

Studio manager

at D2C company

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