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...more Ruru Kitchen specializes in creating superfood smoothie bowls and smoothies from exotic ingredients like Acai, Moringa, Passion Fruit, and blue Majik. In the heart of Fidi, we're there to make healthy accessible, fast, and delicious. All our products are made to order, fresh, and no-added-sugar.

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What is CaterCow?

We’re an online catering marketplace featuring vetted menus designed to work for groups large and small.

Food with personality.

No more uninspired sandwich boxes. Pick from unique, seasonal options curated by our team.

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We’ve streamlined the process for ordering food for your group, just the click of a button and your job is done.


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About Our Catering Menus

Catering for a crowd is complicated. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. Every menu is created to feed groups small or large with a variety of dietary customizations! Each menu has also been taste tested and photographed so we know it’s good, and you know what to expect when your order arrives.

It’s as simple as setting the headcount, choosing what you want and placing your order!

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