Help feed NYU Langone frontline staff

As everyone knows, both NYC hospitals and our local restaurants are going through tough times—frontline healthcare workers are saving lives, while local restaurants are hurting without business.

For every $250 that we hope to raise from this campaign, we would like to send 15 meals from a local restaurant to support the staff at NYU Langone. All meals donated will be individually-packaged to minimize the amount of cross-contamination and easy grab-and-go for busy frontline responders.

100% of proceeds go to the restaurant. Any additional funds above the goal will be used to send more meals!

At CaterCow, we are a website where you can order catering online. We'd love to support our community during these times by using our platform to help feed hospital staff from local restaurants. Our hope is that if this goes well, we can introduce a rotating variety of meals to hopefully cheer up our hospital workers including Halal, burritos bowls, and modern Korean.
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