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Teamsgiving: How to bring Friendsgiving to the office.


Written by Stephen McCann • November 7, 2016

Teamsgiving: How to bring Friendsgiving to the office.

Chances are you've heard of Friendsgiving: a night of cramming 10+ friends into a one-bedroom apt. and a display of classic Thanksgiving dishes cooked to varying degrees of success. It's an opportunity for 20-somethings to use their stove for the first time but it's also a time friends to connect like family. While there are similarities between a classic family Thanksgiving and a Friendsgiving what really sets the latter apart is its ability to bring millennials together in the real world and bond without the interruption of technology.

And where is technology more of a distraction than work? Therefore, we've created tips on how to bring Friendsgiving to the office so you and your coworkers can get to know each other outside of emails and conference calls.

  1. Fork up the money and order food: Your employees don't want to lug a steaming pot of mashed potatoes or heavy cans of cranberry sauce on the bus or subway to work. We've curated collections of Thanksgiving catering packages in San Francisco, Boston, and New York City to get you started. Click here to check them out.
  2. Schedule it for the Friday before Thanksgiving: Many people will start taking vacations the week of Thanksgiving so maximize attendance by holding the event the week before. Plus, let's face it, no one wants to stuff their faces with turkey and pie twice in the same week.
  3. Require a turkey-day themed costume: Think ugly sweater party, Thanksgiving style. We personally prefer requesting that everyone wear turkey-themed clothing like a turkey hat or turkey vest like Grandma used to wear.
  4. Stick with beer and wine: Make it easy on yourselves and order beer and wine. Stay away from cocktails, they're time-consuming, drunk-inducing, and too sweet for an already rich meal.
  5. Do a cheesy ice breaker: People will moan but after a little booze (see number 4) an ice breaker can bring your team together in a light-hearted but personal way. How about a new spin on an old classic? "Who are you thankful for in the office and why?"