What to Expect with Every Order

Attentive Customer Support

  • Call +1 (855) 269-4056 or email support@catercow.com for immediate access to a CaterCow team member.
  • CaterCow proactively calls customers in the event of a declined order, canceled order, or to clarify order/delivery instructions.

High Food Quality

  • Each vendor on CaterCow is vetted by a CaterCow team member to ensure quality.
  • Reviews from other CaterCow customers are a great way to discover the best vendor in your delivery zone.

Affordable Prices

  • We work with our vendors to provide very competitive pricing based on what CaterCow customers are ordering and requesting.
  • Many of our vendors offer coupons (https://www.catercow.com/deals), be sure to check the package page to see if there is a coupon that will apply to your order.

Reliable Delivery

  • A CaterCow team member confirms every order with our vendors the night before to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Each customer is asked to review their orders for on-time delivery. You can see the stat for each caterer below their profile picture.