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Is your office looking for more menu variety after getting the same old rotations every 2 to 3 weeks? Are you tired of your driver showing up late with lukewarm food because they had other deliveries along the same route? We've all seen Forkable's page on why they're better than EAT Club, but we think you can do ever better! Trial us here at CaterCow.
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We know Forkable is a veteran when it comes to individually-selected meals without admin oversight. With that said, a countless number of our current customers have made the switch to CaterCow because they craved more menu variety and punctual deliveries. Trial us out for 1 to 2 weeks, or alternate between us and Forkable. We promise your team will notice the change happily!

Why use CaterCow instead of Forkable?

Diverse and High Quality Menu Variety

Some of our customers have gone through 5 months of unique daily lunches without repeating a restaurant, and proactively ask us to repeat past menus.

Repeat same selections every 2 to 3 weeks.

Hot Food Deliveries

Restaurant coordinates the kitchen staff and driver to deliver your food as soon as the meal is cooked and still hot. Driver does not make any other stops along the way.

A Forkable driver arrives at the restaurant 30 minutes after the food has been sitting out. They then make another delivery stop before yours and gets delayed by a long setup. When they finally arrive late, your food may be lukewarm.

Better Pricing

Stay in your budget. You tell us $15 per person, and we stay at $15 all-in.

Check out your "$15" per person lunch bill, and you'll notice that your invoice adds on top sales tax + an 18% service fee + delivery fee. That's more like $20 per person.

Deliveries Based on Your Schedule

Need to feed a group of early eaters? Have a company all-hands meeting that will run until the early afternoon? Choose meal times that are good for you!

Because Forkable drivers have set routes everyday, there is little flexibility if you need to change up the schedule.

Level of Service

Work with an account manager who is ready to bend their back for you 24/7. Our founder is an account manager, so if you're not obsessed with customer-centric service, responsiveness, and attention to detail, you're probably not going to last very long at CaterCow. You don't get to be an account manager unless you've been at CaterCow for at least 6 months. Account managers also work intensively on the restaurant side, so you have someone who has an intricate knowledge of everything we can offer.

Work with an account manager who is part of a large account management team. Good luck getting one of the better ones!

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