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Our goal is to make it easy for customers to find and order from restaurants like yours. You take care of the food/delivery, and we'll handle everything else.

Better customers

CaterCow works primarily with offices to feed companies. You can count on us for regular business from seasoned catering clients.

Streamlined operations

Our product makes it dead-simple for customers to order catering, and translate that into terms your kitchen understands. No more back and forth on the phone with concerned/angry customers.

Easy payments

We act as a trusted third-party to make the payment process straightforward. We collect and verify payment in advance of any orders you receive, so you aren't left hanging with unpaid invoices.


  • What makes CaterCow different from other catering platforms?

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  • What happens when I receive an order?

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  • When do I get paid?

  • What if I don't deliver?

  • Can I control my order minimums and lead time?

  • Can I have different delivery fees for different delivery zones?